Numbness and tingling in hands

Hi all. I haven't been around for a while for various reasons and hope you are all ok?

Just wondered if anyone experiences a horrible tingling sensation in their hands, mine is my knuckle joints. The also have reduced sensation. It's more in my left hand but driving me nuts and no ammount of analgesia will alleviate it.

Any ideas ?

I have a very nasty fall two weeks ago when my hand gave way as I was lowering myself into a bath and ended up headbutting the mixer tap, one lovely black eye and a bruise the size and shape of Australia on my thigh. I did wonder if it was perhaps my neck.

Any opinions would be welcomed.

Many thanks.

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  • Oh Hev53 have you seen a Doc? That sounds like a nasty fall and may need to be checked out. I do get that but mine is down to carpal tunnel in both arms, yours sounds very different. I did get tingling, burning and numbness with Arava so had to stop taking it.

    I did have to have a smile tho, sorry, as I live in Oz.

  • Lol! Someonesmother............well perhaps it was not the size of it as my thighs are a little smaller than your lovely country but it was the shape! Even had a little area which could have been Tasmania! I did see the Doc and he just smiled and said 'Yes that happens when you fall' ......................I wish I had a medical degree so I could offer such enlightenment as that!

  • It does sound like it's because of the fall but Carpal Tunnel is common with RA so if it carries on I think you should go back to the wise-cracking GP and make him work for all those bucks he earns! Tilda x

  • I get numbness and tingling in my left hand. Rheumy doc gave me a wrist splint which I wear at night. After a little alteration, it is now comfortable! Seems to work though! Hope the bruises are not too painful. Try arnica cream, I found that helped when I fell over on the ice. Anne

  • Ye I get that and wear splints when it's bad too. Hope you are recovering now xxxx

  • Thanks all. Going to see my Rheumatologist on Wednesday, so will mention it along with the 100 yard list I have!

  • mine are pages long lol. Do you think thats why he doesnt like me lol xx

  • It's because you make him work for a living lol! xx

  • Lol xx

  • Hi Hev,

    I have neck problems and have numbness in both arms and tingling. But I also have the same in both legs. Although my neck looks bad under CT scan my Neurologist thinks that it's neuro/nerve pain, and there are only certain painkillers that get rid of nerve pain. It sounds like it could be a result of your fall, which sounded very nasty. But good you're going to your Rheumy to get checked out.

    Hope you're feeling better. Take care

    Mel x

  • Hi Mel, Thank you for this. Sorry to hear you have this problems but your sounds far worse than mine. I am actually looking forward to my appointment! Thanks again xx

  • Omg hope your ok hunny , that sounded like a bad fall . Just shows how easy it can happen . Hope you make a quick recovery x

  • Thank you so much. I am ok, black eye nearly gone. Still hobbling a little from the thigh bruise! It was remarkably quick my decline into the taps! I have never had that happen before, very scary. Made me feel a little vulnerable.

    Hope you are having a good day. xx

  • Hi yes I totally understand how you feel .I have had the same sensations in both hands for about five months now .Every now and again they feel like they are put into a bucket of stinging nettles

    Went to the neurologist two weeks ago for tests and will get the results onTuesday .good luck and keep on rubbing your hands .and yes at first ot drove me mad.

  • Hi Clearasread, thankyou for your response. Did they give you any indication of what could be the cause? I do hope they find an answer for you, it is so annoying! Xx

  • Hi Hev when I asked the neurologist if he had any clue to what was the problem all he said was he would need to examine the results but could be nerve muscle damage caused by ra .But I am eager to get an answer then hopefully some form of treatment.

  • I have this also it stems from my neck

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