Blood results!!!

Have just got a call on my blood results,well my CRP is 1.2 the lowest it has been:)))))) And my ALT is 31 :))))) What great new!!! But i am a bit confused because i don't drink any more, these have been my results over the past 2 months 21,57, 65, 72 and now 31, So i am not sure what else could be causing this if it isn't the MTX or the other meds i am taking, i think i do eat healthy, so can anyone tell me why this could be happening, As it is worrying when it goes up slowly like that, Thanks XX

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  • That's great news Shirl so pleased for you ...things looking up :)))) . Not sure about the Alt question and going up slowly sorry but I'm just really pleased the Methx seems to be working for you xx long may it continue Claire xx

  • Hey Shirley, you ARE the girl! Brilliant , hope it continues xxxxhugs Acx

  • Hello Shirl - that is indeed brilliant news! I'm really pleased for you.

    Re the ALT, just wanted to say that mine goes up and down too, for no apparent reason, and I hardly drink anymore either. Mine had always been down in the low 20s and then started creeping up, and most recent blood tests showed it had gone back down again. Docs tell me I have a "deranged liver" - a wonderful description which always makes me laugh, but are not very concerned about it. I don't know for sure but I think it may well just be that, because of the toxic meds we take our livers have to work harder to get rid of all the "nasties" and that reflects in the blood results. I don't think mine has ever been up as high as 72, but I don't think the docs start to be concerned unless the results keep going up, or stay high routinely. As I said the docs don't seem to be worried about mine, so I don't worry about mine anymore either! (That said, I am never sure that my GP looks at my results, so I do keep an eye on them and, if I see something which looks unusual, I call the rheum nurse for advice if I am concerned.)

    Hope maybe that helps some.


  • Good news about your CRP, that is really a good result. Don't worry too much about your alt result. I have been to told that because of taking MTX they let it go up to 80 before they take action. Mine once rose to 257, I obviously had to come off all my drugs until it got back into normal range. I was told that they don't get really concerned until it reaches 600. My alt was back to normal after a month (had two blood test done at fortnightly intervals), I then ended up on a lower dose of MTX.

    Anything that you eat or drink is processed by your liver, nurse once told me that spicy food may make your reading go up.

    Take Care

    Paula x

  • Hi, I'm new to all this and wondered what all these tests, CRP, ESR etc what ranges they should be or somewhere I could find the info? Thanks

  • If you are diagnosed, you should get a monitoring book that you can write your results in, or like me you'll get print outs from the hospital. And these have the normal ranges marked up. otherwise there's a useful website call that has useful info, Polly

  • Hi polly thanks for the message, i am aware that some people on here haven't got a monitoring book, but they have got a monitoring card like me, but this haven't got the normal ranges in it, I got a list from my rheumy nurse when i went to see her in oxford so i know how helpful they can be, I believe that someone on here did tell me that a normal range can be different for different people, Anyway thanks, with Paula's Alt being 257, i don't think i have anything to worry about, Thanks again xx

  • v good news re crp at 1.2 alt should below 35!! it is a measure of liver function.. you should have a monitoring book as helix says ask your rhuem dept for one x

  • Some of the liver function tests can go up and down a bit for other reasons I think, and some blood tests can be sensitive to things like whether it was a fasting blood test, how well hydrated you were at the time of the test, whether you had a heavy protein meal (or very little protein) in the last meal before the blood test, etc. If the results stay within the "normal range" then there shouldn't be anything to worry about, even if they do change a bit.

  • I was more concerned that they would change my meds, As i know that MTX is one of the best drugs out there, and apart from feeling dizzy tied and nausea for a few days after taking it i have taken pretty well to it, I also know that this is to be expected for a while when first taking the drug, But i will see how this week go when i take the MTX as i am now taking folic acid everyday, which i am hoping this will help with the side affects , Will let you know how i go, Thank you for your great advice i will make sure i also take plenty of water before i have my blood tests, I was told once my the nurse by taking some water before having the blood test it help them to find the veins, have you heard that before? xxxx

  • crp 1.2 " WOW " ... thats abit good .. shirl ... :)))) .. can you feel the crp is the lowest its ever been ,, do you feel much better ?? can you tell ?

    i think the alt ,, does move up n down abit .. for reasons youll never know ,, maybe a dodgy onion bhaji , youve eaten :))) well done shirl xx

  • I am a lucky girl,:))))) That is the best my has been, I got a letter from the rheumy nurse yesterday, as you know i had the injection in my knee, which i believe has really helped with the results, she has said that they injected 40 mg kenalog and 2 ml of 2% lignocaine, she said that it was a difficult procedure given the degree of flexion of the knee, she said that i was unable to tolerate more than 2 ml of aspiration of synovial fluid,....a lot of jargon to me,....maybe you can shed some light on what she means,? I know i was in a lot of pain, as she said she would try to drain the knee to, well i have notice a difference as i am more mobile and the swelling has gone down, i am walking down the stairs properly now, but still slow, but a good progress, which has meant i can do more excise on it, I've had to up the pain killers to do the excise but i know in the end it will be worth while, so yes I'm a happy bunny, How are you doing on your new meds? xx

  • because of how stiff your knee was they couldn't get much of the fluid out, only a teaspoon of it (to compare, last time I had my knee drained there was a very large glass of gunk taken out). But they injected you with a reasonable dose of steroid, which will bring the inflammation down and so reduce the fluid, and an anaesthetic which should dull the pain while you're waiting for steroid to work. try not to do too much exercise too quickly, as still inflamed so give the drugs a chance to work! Polly

  • Thank you Polly, Great advice, Do you think that is why i had a lot of pain, because she was having trouble getting any fluid out? Because i am normal really good with pain, but not that one XX

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