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Hi everyone hope you all had a great Christmas..... I have had my results of my first blood test since i started MTX, As you know i havn't been feeling that good lately,.... The nurse called me today asking me to come in tomorrow to have more blood taken as my liver function test is 53, It was 100, then went down to 49, and now it seems to be going up again, sorry a question could this mean if it keeps rising i will have to come of MTX? Also My CRP is 91 and was only 33.6, so i have made a appointment to see my GP, but can't get in until 3rd January, Should i be worried? what could this mean, with the drugs i am Taking? which are MTX 15mg, Hydroxy 400mg a day plus Folic acid of 5mg.... Sorry this turned in to a big question in the end......

Lots of love Shirley xxx

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  • One of the reasons they ask you to go back and have blood tests done again is just to see if it was a blip for some other reason. Sometimes it makes a difference when you last ate, what you ate, whether you were a bit dehydrated, whether you'd just done a bit more exercise, or rushed into the surgery, etc. The second test will show up whether any of those raised numbers are actually significant.

    Its a good idea to go see your GP about all this. I don't think any of us can second guess what is going on, or what the recommendation will be for you, though if your CRP is rising then it does sound like your current drugs aren't managing to keep inflammation under control. Make sure your GP at least contacts your rheumatologist to discuss what is to happen next. My guess is that either you would need to increase your current meds, or add in another one, or if your liver isn't coping with it, then they might need to consider anti-tnf drugs instead of the DMARDs.

    But, first things first - have that repeat test, and see what the GP says. It may not be anything major happening right now, and you might just have to give the DMARDs you are currently on a bit more time.

  • Hi Shirl

    Well at least the nurse called and let you know they wanna repeat the tests, it has happened to me and as earthw says i was a bit dehyrated on those ones. However as its best to see the docs i would worry too much as they are happy to wait till the 3rd, otherwise they would have sent to to A and E lol !!

    If they thnink the mtx isnt suiting you they might change it, there are plenty of alternatives, sulphasalazine, arava etc, so dont worry that there isnt an alternative cos there is. But its quite likely its just early days, so I think try to put it out of your mind till next week, unless of course you feel a lot worse.

    Have a great new year and a guid new year to ain and aw Axx

  • oh my goodness, CRP of 91, you poor soul, you must be feeling rotten! even at 33 :(

    sorry I'm not much use but wanted to offer you some sympathy! hope you get something sorted soon.

  • Yes CRP is high but your liver is only a bit raised and it depends which enzyme it is too I think. I believe Alt should be 50 or under so not very high really one was 94 a few months ago and AST was high too but normal for that is 40 I think - could be the other way round I can't recall. They shouldn't need to take you off MTX for that I wouldn't have thought but may well just monitor you more frequently for a whole until they settle again hopefully. I hope you aren't touching any alcohol at all just now? Although I know how hard this is but you may have a more sensitive liver than most - I do.

    Its very early days for you Shirl - my ESR remained high for ages after starting these two drugs. The MTX took 3 months to kick in and then Hydroxy was introduced and it took another 12 weeks for that to help with the pain - and I had to switch to injectable MTX for a proper difference to be made on my inflammatory markers. Hang in there and wait a bit longer before pushing for change to meds if this is just your first blood results I would say.

    Tilda x

  • No Alcohol for 6 months now, tell a lie had 2 snowballs Christmas day lol but that was after my test, i wasn't surprised that the CRP was high as i haven't been feeling to great with the Flu and had a bad flare up in both my wrist and fingers over Christmas period, I think the only thing that is helping with the pain and the stiffness at the moment is the steroid injection, Thank you and will let you know how i get on xx

  • The point is that its too early to be fretting unduly about whether your meds are working or not Shirl. Don't expect too much from them - all these drugs take a while to take effect, and I'm talking months rather than weeks here.

    Your liver is the main thing to focus on at this stage. I was still flaring in my wrists and fingers 3 months after starting MTX - and 6 months after starting I had a flare up that took my ESR back up to 64 so nothing works fast apart from steroids and NSAIDs with RA. But to be fair they have to try and turn a whole disease round and that's quite a tall order! I'm really well now mostly though so please take heart. It obviously isn't booze thats influencing your liver then. When my sister had problems with her liver she was advised to avoid shellfish and paracetamol but it isnt right back up again yet so maybe will just settle down soon. TTx

  • Thank's Tildai thanks for your reply, i know i need to be more patient with the meds, sometimes rheumy's give you false hopes,... mine told me on the 14th November that once i start the MTX and have the steroid injection, there should be no reason why i can't return,... he new how physical and demanding my job was, so i suppose i have build my hopes up, I am due back again now on the 7th January, but i know myself there is no way i could do my job, and don't want to return until i am at least nearly 100% as i don't want to let my boss down, as he has been really supportive,...... he shouldn't of said that really knowing everyone is different,... wait until i see him again.... i am also still taking a lot of paracetamol and also Tramadol, so will keep that in mind, Not a lover of shell fish thou Shirl xx

  • Hi Shirley, your CRP is pretty high but that can be caused by infection as well as inflamation, are you feeling unwell at all or have you cut yourself and its got infected? Hope things get sorted for you soon.


  • Yes well i have had the flu pretty bad at the time that i had the test done, will speak to the nurse tomorrow and see what she thinks, I have still been coughing but not as bad, I wasn't due to have my blood test until Christmas eve, but because i had the flu that bad, the Doctor wanted to put me on antibiotics, but wanted a blood test done first. thanks for your reply, will let you know how i get on shirl xx

  • Hopefully that is why your CRP was raised, if they repeat the bloods and you are feeling better it should be coming down. Make sure they check you haven't got a chest infection. I hope you feel better soon.


  • Will do Mary, thanks xx

  • Hi Shirley a rise from 49 to 53 is only a slight rise and this can happen on a daily basis I wouldnt worry too much about that it is more on a general trend in changes in blood tests.The rise in your CRP may be related to the flu as it is an inflammatory marker which shows response to inlammation and infection. If you have an appointment for the 3rd I wouldnt be too worried as they should then have your blood results from today and that will give a better indication of how your disease is.

    Hope things are ok and keep your chin up but dont hurt your neck doing it. It is worrysome when you dont know whats going on isnt it

    gentle hus and a happy new year


  • Poor Shirl thinking of's good u are goin to see your GP ....hopefully a 2nd blood test will look better and another couple of months and the Methx will really kick in...Our bodies are so sensitive to changes I was feeling fab but just Chrstmas has made me flare a little. Just being busy at work leading up to Xmas, change of diet, couple of drinks etc throws everything my hands and knees are very sore n creaky! Back on track hopefully now and fingers crossed you will be too in the New Year and in the meantime try not to worry , I know easier said than done but I'm sure all will be fine Claire x

  • hi shirl im realy sorry to here this a few weeks ago i thought you where a bit on the mend when things came down a bit.

    but looks like on here tilda and earthwhich have put your mind at rest a bit so especaly for you i have wrote a little blog poem this morning seeing as you like a drink

  • Thanks john that's really sweet, xx

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