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morning to you all , YES got a phone call from chippenhiam ,upon going to my job centre with my appeal letter was fax off to them to say I have won my appeal , so going to pay me my money, happy days that's all the stress out the way , don't have to go and sight on now, so keep fighting them , its hard and stressful , but happy I did not give up , jo x,

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  • so happy for you, glad you won your case. well done :)) . lena xxx

  • What a relief for you Jo-so pleased for you x

  • great news that at long last you have a positive outcome, you dont need these difficulties enforced on us by the system when you are suffering as this stress does not help with the disease and can make things worse. At least now that is one worry out of the way. take care crisxx

  • well done great news x

  • Great news Jo! It must be a really good feeling to have stood your ground & won - very pleased for you. Hope that getting all that stress out of the way is good for your RA too,

    all the best,

    Luce xx

  • Well done i am so pleased for

  • thank you all , yes hope to look forward now to have a nice summer , and chill , :) and get my RA sored now with biologic therapy ::) x

  • Well done you glad your worry is sorted xx

  • Well done to you. It's a hard road but you have done it. So ple

    ased for you.

  • Brilliant, it seems that almost everyone has to go through this awful appeal to get what we actually entitled too, well done. Xx

  • Great News. xx

  • well done, it does pay to keep trying now you can relax a bit


  • hi Jo. well done, so pleased for you

    i won mine and got a letter 2wks before last christmas, back pay as well and also put in the surport group, i actually sat on my bed and cried with so many mixed emotions so i know how u feeling xxxx however ive just had to fill in the forms and get another letter from my consultant and send away again, it was a slightly different from (maybe cos im in surport group) am now waiting to hear.......

    ali xxxx

  • Great news, Missmopp - very pleased to hear that.

    Julie xx

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