Hi Guys before I fly off to the states to collect my Oscar (mattcass) I have good news I have been pain free all week from my RA and Shingles and me and Fran are hitting the road again, And my other good news is that my GP and Chest Consultant have agreed for me to phase back to work in September. In the meantime I have a works medical and back to work Interview to pass first. Have a good weekend.Matt

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  • Hi Matt,

    It is so good that you have some really positive news at last! I am so pleased for you.

    Hope you and Fran enjoy your trip!


    PS - congratulations on the Oscar nomination!!!! The "Oscars" post really did make me chuckle.

  • So good to here your news congrats xx

  • great news x

  • So happy for you. Enjoy your Oscars! Clemmie.

  • Great news, have alovely weekend guys, Rie x

  • That is great news Matt and well done from me - the best actress nominee no less! Tilda x

  • Great news all, Matt. I know you will be glad to get back to work. Just hope your sxchedule doesn't interfere with the Awards Ceremoany. I will personally meet you on the Red Carpet. I will be with Joan Rivers, so mi ght even get your interview.:) "The Ohioan" (Loret)

  • I assume your taking your penquin suit with you to wear at the oscars. I am really pleased for you and Fran as i know how much you have suffered this year and i wish you well on your trip to the oscars,photos please. Will you please pick mine up as well please as i can't get there. Have a lovely time both of you.xxxx

  • Good to hear some good news for a change, have a lovely time. xx

  • Thats really good news and hope the work medical goes okay.

    Mary x

  • What marvellous news! Hopefully it's the hydroxy kicking in at last and you'll have continued lack of pain x

  • That's great news enjoy your weekend x

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