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Hi everyone, I posted on here that I applied for PIP after being on DLA, I scored no points, I went to see my GP to discuss how I was going to make it work full time with the conditions I have, he was not happy told me to appeal immediately and then gave me a 'Fit Note' stating I cannot work full time . At the moment I work part time and he said that is fine as it is good for my mental state and wellbeing but said I could not manage full time as my health would be affected. I have put in for reconsideration with PIP but I'm not sure how this fit note will help my appeal. Can anyone explain. Thanks in advance. 😒

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  • Sorry but i cant see how it will help you, what your doctor has given you is what used to be called a sick note, it wouldnt be anything to do with PIP as you can work full time and still get PIP because PIP is not employment related. However the note he gave you will affect your JSA/ESA status and also means for the time being you are not fit for work either part time or full time. I hope this makes it clearer for you and good luck.

  • Hi sharpen, I think it will still be useful to have as it indicates what your gp thinks of your health. Any medical evidence at all is useful, appointment, letters etc. It all backs up your appeal. If you can get a letter from your rheumatologist that would really help. All the best,

  • Thank you for your reply, I hope it helps I am so worried at moment, I am also going to see my MP on Friday to tell him what they are putting people through its disgusting not just for me but anyone with a long term illness or disability. I go to see my GP again next week and RA consultant in a couple of weeks and will discuss it with him. Thanks again for your support. X

  • The claim/appeal system is absolutely awful to get through. I can't understand how anyone with Ra could really be turned down. I know many people do well to continue working in some capacity with RA, that seems more a matter of our own personal determination but I'm sure ra should be considered a definite yes for pip :( seems so unfair that at the same time as I was rapidly becoming disabled I spent 3 years also struggling through the appeals system to get any help, my body was kaput and all my energy wasted just trying to get help and get to medical appointments

  • I am absolutely drained now and I've not even had MR yet, it's a cruel thing the government is doing. I enjoy my job, there's not a lot to enjoy with this condition. I've spent 20 years battling RA and cervical Dystonia just about got my life stable and the DWP have taken 4 months to destroy it, I hope they are so proud. I will lose everything now I'm so depressed. Thanks for your support. X

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