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Anyone going to the Newcastle NRAS meeting tomorrow?

Just wondering if there's anyone on here off to the quarterly NRAS meeting at the Freeman Hospital tomorrow night?

It'll be my first meeting so I'll be the sheepish one, in case anyone spots me! In case anyone didn't know about it and wants to go, I believe it's 5.30-8pm, in Function Room 138, on Level 1 of the Education Centre (wherever that is)!


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Hi Jenny,

Please just ask for Eleanor when you arrive as she is now aware you are coming for the first time.

I hope you enjoy the meeting and I'd love to hear how you get on!

Kind regards,



Aaaargh, missed it! Been really busy , my mum I law is having loads of social services meetings and my aunt died . So didn't manage . Could you message me the next meeting and we could maybe meet up, love A xx


Sorry to hear that Allanah. As far as I know, the next meeting is 23rd May but think there'll be more information closer to the time.

Jenny x


thanks would you message me as somehow i am out of sync!!! cheers Axx


Hi Jenny! we met at the meeting, I'm Linda. I went swimming today and WOW, it makes me feel so much better. Hope you can join us someday. Hope you enjoyed the meeting. You have met all of us now, so you have a lots of new friends.

Hope you're feeling ok.

Take care



Hiya! That's good about the swimming :) I managed to go last sunday and felt a bit jelly-legged afterwards but not too bad. Yes it's good to know some friendly faces now! Take care, Jenny x


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