NRAS conference in Newcastle, is any one going and wants to say hello?

We have booked to go the the North East of England Rheumatology conference for patients and family. Its on the 24th March 2012 at the Freeman Hospital, Newcastle.

I wondered if any of you were booked to go, cos if anyone wanted , it would be great to meet you all face to face. I dont know anyone with RA so I think it wold be great to see how other people cope and just to say hi.



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  • Hi there allanah. I live in newcastle and I didnt know about this. I would love to go, how do I get invited or tickets (presuming you need this sort of thing?) Do you live in this area too??

  • Hi Petti

    I live about an hour south of Newcastle in North Yorkshire but I just go straight up the A19 so not far!

    If you look on the NRAS homepage on , you will see the section to the left of the screen on on news and events which invites patients or carers to the 2nd North East patient conference at the Freeman hospital education unit and gives a programme of the day. Its on from 10-3 I think and you contact Marion Reed 01207509186 to book a place. It does say they might be able to help with transport if needed.

    I am gonna go with my hubby and 15 year old daughter to try to get information for us all and try to say hello to people with RA and how they cope with the illness.

    If you wanna meet up maybe Marion could tell us an area to meet that would be easy for us to find and say hi. I'm hoping they have parking cos it can be hard around the Freeman( if anyone from NRAS moderating, could you let us know!!) It looks like lunch is also included.

    Hope to meet you there, let me know if you or anyone else can come so we can have a quick chat!!!

    look forward to it


  • Hi Guys, I'm in Newcastle too and don't live to far from the Freeman, I had no idea about the conference and I've been to the MSU twice this year, so I'll be attending if there's places left. It would be great to meet up and have a coffee and chat.

    Beth xxx

  • Great Beth,

    I'll give them a ring and find out if we can have a meeting point or somewhere we could nominate and I will blog you all back with a suggestion of time and place.


  • That's great Allanah, can we leave you to co-ordinate and let us all know where to meet, rather than us all trying sort something out and getting muddled.

    If it's any help there's a seating area next to reception at the main entrance to the hospital, that would be a good place to meet or the restaurant.

    The lift to the restaurant is also beside the main entrance reception, we could meet in there. xx

  • Hi both, thanks for this, I will go onto the site now and have a look. Hopefully I will get a place.

    Pet xx

  • ok will blog tomoro night, I nearly always blog late as I dont sleep well, u know the feeling I'm sure Axx

  • Hi I spoke to Marion Reed the conference organizer who said in the conference center there will be an Arthritis Research stand where we could meet. She is looking into car parking and disabled spaces at Freeman today for us. She also said make sure you have booked as they are expecting high numbers of people.

    So will give you time place and parking tomorrow!!Love Axx

  • There's a large car park at the hospital which you have to pay £1.10 an hour, the disabled bays are limited and usually taken by 9am, so it's a case of hitting lucky after that. I usually make my monitoring appointments for 9 so I can get parked easily.

    Beth xx

  • Hello

    This is not an NRAS conference. We are just helping to let people know about it. This event is organised by the NHS Foundation Trust to reserve a place you need to contact the hospital directly i.e.

    Marion Reed 01207 509186

    For information on all NRAS meetings visit our website and look for "NRAS groups in your area"



  • Thanks for that Clucky,

    I just thought it was your conference as its on the nras homepage but I think it will be helpful to go along !!


  • Yay, just got an email confirming my choice of session and place at the conference. I will head to the arthritis research stand then and look forward to meeting you all there. Exciting to see humans instead of words lol!!

  • Hi,

    So how about we meet at the arthritis research stand during the first coffee break at 10.45 am and then we can arrange then to stay together or meet a lunch??

    Haven't heard anything from Marion re parking so will go to car park as Beth suggested.

    See you there and hope that is a good arrangement!!


  • Hi allanah, sounds like a plan. 10.45 at the research stand. Look forward to it. Hope they give us name badges lol!!

    I am really looking forward to meeting some 'names'.

    Petra xx

  • Hi great looking forward to seeing you!

    Marion got in touch and said that there is a car park if you go right to the Freeman there is a multistory car park to the left as well. Are you coming solo or is anyone going with you?


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