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Blackpool Area NRAS Meeting 21 July

Hi All!

For anyone within travelling distance of the Fylde Coast do come and join us at our next meeting of the Blackpool and District NRAS group






7.00PM - 8.30PM

Our speakers on this occasion are Janice Booth, Rheumatology Nurse Practitioner and Geoff Dodd, Biologics Nurse. They will be offering us information on NICE guidelines on Biologic Therapies and the use of these drugs in the treatment of RA. It promises to be an excellent and informative evening.

Once again our generous sponsors have offered a selection of raffle prizes and the kettle will be on!

We would be delighted to see anyone who is able to come along!

Lyn x

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Sorry Lyn too far to come even with the promise of candy floss and donkey rides, next year perhaps.

Best wishes and a hug


in reply to Tricia-P

There's just no tempting some people Tricia ;-) How about a stick of rock and a trip up the tower?!

Hope you're okay; I will be in touch ... promise!!

Lyn x

Dave and I will be there Lyn. See you later

Sheila x

in reply to Sheila_G

Thanks for coming along Sheila, it was lovely to see you :-) One of these days there will be time for us to have a chat! We keep 'being' in the same place but passing one another by. I tried to come over to speak with you both but kept getting waylaid!

Next time ...

Lyn x

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Sheila_G in reply to

Hi Lyn. It was a shame we couldn't talk yet again but it was very busy and we could see you were in great demand. We hope to come to the next meeting in September so hopefully we will chat then. It was very interesting and I learned a lot about biologics so thanks for putting this on. x

Hi Lyn - would love to come and see you all, but a little bit too far! You certainly are active up there. I wish we had something down here. I do hope that if I can get my act together and stop being blooming ill, I might do something about it!

I could offer donkey rides and candy floss.. oh and a few free range eggs???

Hope you have a good night.

Take care

Julie xx

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Thanks for your good wishes Julie, it was a really good night, the best so far, 61 people attended! If you need any support to get something up and running 'down there' I'm always happy to lend a hand if it will help :-)

Talking of 'bloomin' ill', I was limping about all day yesterday, been to docs today and I've got a DVT. Now on anti coagulant injections 'til Monday when I see the Vascular nurse at hospital. I know nothing about DVTs ... hmmmm !!! Thinks in future will stick with RA :)

Lyn x

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Oh blimey Lyn - DVT not nice, but good they caught it. Should disperse with pills. Mr Silageman had a scare over this a few months ago, but turned out to be internal bleeding from acow kick! The good offshoot of this was they found out his blood pressure was astronomically high (240/170) and he is on tablets now and hopefully will be ok.I

I don't know if it's not one thing it's another.

Thanks for the offer of help, I might go to our local Rheumers meeting and see how many peeps are involved and sort of see what's happening with people with RA in this region. Ta!

Julie xxx

I was there wit my wife, a great night with lots of info from the speakers, Ill be there again soon I hope.

Thank you all involved


in reply to Philip

Hi Philip

I got home, looked at forms, saw 'Philip' and 'Southport' and put two and two together! Bit late then though!! Wow, was it busy last night; we usually have between 30 and 40 people come along, last night we had 61! Absolutely fantastic and lots of new people too :-)

Glad you enjoyed the speakers and hope you found the info useful. I'm wondering whether handouts on the talks might be useful to take away?

Hope you are able to join us again; I will look out for you next time!

Lyn x

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Philip in reply to

A big YES to the hand outs, I think that would help a great deal because some of the audience just might be a tad deaf and Im sure they would appreciate the hand outs. yes I was really amazed at te amount of people there, you did yourself proud, I did sacually speak to you lol when I gave you my form near the back door but you were very busy lol so Ill forgive you this time , hehehe

take care and keep up the good work.


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