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Case conference meeting sprung on me to discuss my fitness to work

So when I spoke to HR we discussed a case conference to help me. It's supposed to be a very supportive meeting to help me back to work and put in place any adjustments I need. I agreed and so did the occupational health consultant my work had me seeing.

However I had an email at 7:00pm on Friday night from HR attaching a letter that should have been sent from my line manager telling me a case conference had been arranged for this Tuesday which I must attend and that it will be with an occupational assistant who has had no involvement with my case as opposed to the occupational consultant who has. The occupational consultant has been vocal in his support for me and I was due to see him again on the 13th.

My line manager has not sent me the notes yet of a back to work meeting we had two weeks ago where he stated there was no room for me in the team and I was unreliable because of my health. He also said he wanted the case conference to find out whether he could sack me as I am unfit to carry out the job. Very different to what HR was saying.

It seems this case conference was arranged between him and a new HR assistant whilst my HR rep was on leave.

I am very unhappy about this. Am I right to be angry he did not send me the invite letter.

A colleague called me last week to say watch your back. He told them they were not to contact me and he should have contacted me to give me work but didn't do in other words has left me without any work to justify my role in the team

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So... Are you in a union. I believe you can refuse the meeting as you have not had time to get a union representative to come with you and not read the previous notes.

Call NRAS Helpline tomorrow. They may be able to clarify that. You are I'll. You need more than a late Friday email to organise getting there.

Also ask how far in the building is the meeting. Unless you have a lift etc you eont physically manage ???have they arranged car parking for you...all these things should be arranged before any meeting!


They have to give you at least 3 working days notice ( which he hasn't) and you have a right to take your union rep with you or someone who you work with who you trust. They are able to speak at these meetings ( they never used to be able to) but cannot answer questions that are put to you. He also has to provide any paperwork so that you can prepare. So he has to agree a date that is acceptable to you ( usually within a week but it can be different.) Hope this helps you.



I second the advice to chat to NRAS.

After that, if it chimes with NRAS' advice, I'd write a note to the relevant people explaining that it's not practical to arrange appropriate accommodations for this at such short notice and reminding them that as you've yet to receive the notes of your last meeting with your manager and as you're due to see the occupational consultant who is familiar with your history on Nov. 13 so perhaps a case conference would be in better possession of relevant facts after that?

ETA: I've just seen Clemmie's advice which feels nicely on point. :)


Thanks every one. I don't want to seem difficult with my employer but I don't think this is one


Sadly there are some rotten employers out there and you may well have one of them.

You have had some advice. Stay focussed. Proud of the way you are dealing with this while being unwell.

Hope NRAS can help too.



As said above you are entitled to have a Union representative at the meeting. You are also entitled to have the occupation health attending. The HR you have been seeing should also be there. This smacks of total incompetence on their part. There are procedure policiesthat have to be followed in cases of having a disability and you should check them out . Looking at employment law may help. You have had no time to put into action the plan with OH. Don't let them bully you and I don't say that lightly. I hope this is managed the way it should be.


ACAS are very helpful with this sort of thing. I had a similar problem with my previous employers they just wanted to get rid of me. Please take all this advice and do not feel you have to attend until you are properly prepared and have the right support, the union rep, the HR & Occupational Health individuals who have been dealing with you should all be there or a colleague you can trust. Do not let these employers bully you. You are ill and need time to do this properly. Good luck and keep us posted x


Spoken to NRAS who passed me on to Equality Support Service who passed me on to ACAS. Upshot - there's no real protection. The only rules they may have broken are their own internals rules. So this afternoon I'm off for trial by twonks.


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