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Christmas Just Around the Corner!

Christmas Just Around the Corner!

Well hello everyone. Hope all are feeling well?I have been sick since Thanksgiving so hav'nt been on here much!

So is everyone ready for Christmas? i havnt even bought but 1 gift and hav'nt put my tree up yet:(I plan on maybe tomorrow since my daughter can come help.My hubby is very sick, plz keep him in your prayers.

I have been really having a time with my RA, this cold, snow & rain weather just puts me under.I must make another appt with the Rhuemmy as I cancelled due to having the flu. I have come completely off all the meds so I am in a mess:(Well hope all are well........xoxo

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Hi Cathy, so sorry to hear you have been so unwell and hubby too. Of course, will think about him and you as well. Hope you will have a lovely Xmas and both feel much better.

We don't put our tree up until the sunday before Xmas -it is a tradition in our family - haven't done any cards yet but will start them this weekend. Have got all my gifts and just ordered the last lot for the grandchildren which will be delivered on Tuesday. Don't really feel very organised at present and I never feel Xmassy until just a few days before.

We have a carol service on the Sunday before with mince pies and mulled wine after at the village hall, a jazz evening in the Church on the Tuesday and another Carol service on the Thursday so that week before Xmas is all go + a friend's birthday on Xmas Eve.

We are out for Xmas Day, friends coming here for Boxing Day and we are going to friends for New Year. 6 of us take it in turns to do New Year's Eve.

Anyway, have a really good holiday. Best wishes for Xmas and New Year.

LavendarLady x


Cathy have you got your hubby to the doctors, hope so as he should be seen. I know how stubborn men can be, it put my bob in hospital as he kept saying he had indegestion,when all the time he diverticulitis and he is still having problems. He is at the doctors this morning,i will go over to bedworth with him and get all the cards posted.

I'm usually a lot more organised in that department,but not this year. Let me know how he gets on at the doctors.

Love sylvia.xx


Sorry you have been unwell and hubby too. We don't have thanksgiving here but I believe its a big thing for our friends across the pond so I hope you enjoyed it. All xmas presents except for two are wrapped and cards have been sent. I am not putting tree up until tuesday as we are having new carpets fitted this weekend so will start to feel xmassy then. Hope you soon feel better and sending love and good wishes for your hubby. Take care xx


Sorry your feeling so unwell Cathy and hubby very ill too, more stress which I'm sure you can do without.

As for stopping your meds, I hope you've spoken to your doctor as your not supposed to suddenly stop them without advice/support of your doc. Your body is probably reacting to that and your bloods will probably be all over the place too. Please go speak to your doctor.

As for Christmas, well.... I've not even started, haven't even got my Christmas cards in. I made the mistake of keep putting shopping off until tomorrow and of course tomorrow is almost upon us.

Guess I'm gonna have to get going or I'll end up ill again this Christmas which, has now became a bit of a tradition of it's own with me.

Please speak to your doctor, I hope your both feeling better very soon.

Beth x


Im sending you and your poor hubbie my v best wishes xx


Christmas greetings Cathy, and Get Well wishes! I know you are on my side of the Pond, but thought you were in one of the warmer states.

Tell you what..Ohio is nOT one of them!! I just dread the rest of this season with it starting out like this! Seems my fingers and toes are constantly cold, so I put on 2 pairs of socks, but then have to wear my slippers since they won't fit in my shoes! That's fine till I have to go out!

Just hope to read of you and hubby being better soon. Prayers are confirmed. XX Loret


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