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Happy days!


Hi everyone,

Haven’t been on here for the last few months, I hope everyone is well and having a lovey summer.

I had to share with people who understand how far I have come. I’ve been on benepali for nearly a year now and it has absolutely changed my life. I’ve changed my diet too, so no more bloating!!

I was reliant on pain killers to get me through the day and tramadol to help me sleep. I haven’t touched ANY of my painkillers since February. This is such a huge thing for me!

I got to enjoy my birthday pain free. Last year I was reliant on my painkillers and spent most of my birthday asleep. This year, I walked all around London, I enjoyed a meal with my family and went to see Beyoncé with my best friend. I honestly never thought I would get my old life back. This is the happiest I have been since I was diagnosed 2 years ago.

It’s amazing how a medication can completely change your life!, SO grateful.

I hope everyone is well.

all my love,

Cydney x

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Hooray! I'm absolutely thrilled you're doing so well and thankyou for sharing your good news. It gives everyone here hope for the future and long may it continue. Hugs


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Thank you!!

I’m just hoping it’s my forever drug. Just got to keep on going until you find the right drug x

So glad it worked for you it really did nothing for me , but it just shows people it can for some and get there life back , everybody's different so it's well worth trying

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Definitely!! Just because it didn’t work for someone else doesn’t mean it won’t work for another person x

Long may it last for you my darling i am really happy for you.xxxx

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Thank you xx

That's brilliant news x

That's fabulous news. Was also on it for a while but unfortunately didn't control the inflammation. Now onto early stages of Baracitinib. The pain and swelling are less and feeling better there, just to get on top of the tiredness would be great! I love and lived eating healthy foods but have gone haywire with chocolate, bread etc ( everything fattening) in an attempt to obtain energy! Sometimes do crazy things in desperation! Eating celery and apples ( which I really enjoy) doesn't appeal to me when feeling listless! Vicious circle I must break!

Hope your good health continues

Suzie x

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I’m glad the new drug is helping.

The tiredness is awful, hopefully the new drug will start to help you with that.

I try and keep myself hydrated, I was finding it was making me more tired because I wasn’t drinking or eating properly. Also, when I feel a bit tired or a bit funny I eat mangos and apples. Really seems to help. Berocca is quite good too, I put it into orange juice so it doesn’t taste so bad.

Hope you feel better x

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Thank you. How interesting! Never heard of Berocca. Nurse taking complete blood tests on Monday so will await results and take things from there. I agree, water is the best medicine of all :)

Best wishes x

Great news and good to read a positive story regarding this disease, it was great for me for 6 months but has stopped working now so waiting to start Humira but chuffed to bits for you and gives us all hope xxx

Hopefully that drug starts to work for you!!

Definitely, just have to cling on to hope. I know how hard it can be, I got to a point where I didn’t want to take any meds, didn’t want to do anything at all. Wasn’t until my dad got poorly and I saw that he didn’t want to make himself better it made me realise that if let an illness destroy you, it will, you just have to own it xx


Fabulous to hear! :-D


Congratulations and a happy belated birthday! Well done you :)

Great to hear x thank you for giving us all hope 😘

Amazing. Your post gives me such hope as I am not doing well at all the moment and all being well, results pending I will be starting on benepali.

Happy you are well and thanks for the positivity and hope this gives myself and others dealing with this awful disease xx

Great news - thank you for sharing it. Sunny day, good news, what could be better.

Aw Enjoy!

So good to read. Thank you for post. Happy days. 🙂

It's so good to hear some good news. I also seem to have turned a corner but this is because I was on baricitinib for 6 months but it drained me of all energy and didn't do too much for the pain so it was stopped. I am now on methotrexate and cocodamol only but I am also practising mind medication. I have got my energy back started aqua fit walking the dog and completely changed my diet. 18 lb lighter now. Still get the pain but I am dealing with it. We are all so different and unfortunately one treatment doesn't fit all. Good wishes to all xx

Such a positive post :) Thanks for sharing.

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