Perhaps hope is around the corner!!!

I am sharing this site with you all as I know that we are all in pain and we have to do something about it. I have been reading about the success of stem cells and I have my appointment in two weeks time. Feel free if you are interested to read the follow site. Take care everyone and do not give up. I know I am depressed as I am not sleeping with all this pain and I know deep inside I will get better.‎+41 43 550 74 42

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  • Thanks for this info. I did have a look at their website and it sounds absolutely incredible what they can achieve. I look forward to the day when treatment like this is available on the NHS and reading more about the research. At present as the treatment is new I am sure it will be very expensive and as such not available to many of us.

    You are right there is hope. Keep smiling 😊

  • In New Zealand it cost about $500 for one injection. But I have been in pain for 13 years and not sleeping. I am putting the cost on my mortgage as we are pensioners and do not work anymore. I just want to live with at least minimum pain. Take care x

  • Pls can you let us know of yr progress. Thanks

  • Will do munchybunch. x

  • Pls keep us posted!

  • Exactly, Valletta1! 👍

    Perhaps hope IS around the corner. 🤗

    Sally, 'The Galloping Grandma', may give you additional realistic hope? 🤔


    Additional information about Sally: Sally, 'The Galloping Grandma':

    Wishing you the very best, Valletta1. 😌

    🙏 🍀 🌺 🌞

    Kind regards, ☺️



  • Hi kai thank you so much for sharing. Yes he sufferred himself from RA. xxx

    Kind regards


  • Always the same face when it's sales pitch time.

  • I am not selling anything!!!! I am just sharing what my friend gave me as it worked for her. I have no option but to try it as I have been in pain for almost 14 years with hardly any sleep and allergic to so many medicine. No need for your comment when we are all struggling with pain and depression. This site for for us to discuss and be open to any discussion. All the best wishes to you.

  • Proven results AND no side effects? Yeah right. And the pig flew over the moon. There is no free lunch.

  • But I am so glad there is prednisone...and only developed in our lifetime! I imagine people before the late 1950s had PMR, no diagnosis and no treatment at all! Yay for prednisone😊

  • Unfortunately I cannot take Prednisone so this is now my only option at this stage. x

  • That is your opinion. This is my last option and I know it work for other people.

  • Hope this works out for you! When we have had PMR For so long it is reasonable to try other avenues....feels like we are trying something!

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