Yesterday, I was just leaving the house, with a friend walking just ahead of me to put my purse and etc into her van, and suddenly I was falling into the rose bushes and little black coated fence.

She was finally able to get into a position to help me get up on my knees, but I sure couldn't stay there for more than half a minute! Artificial knees are not meant to be kneeling! Finally got my feet under me and we hauled me to a vertical stance, as I looked down to discover why on earth I fell, as I was walking with my lovely 4 wheeled walker. IT BROKE!! The frame holding the wheel closest to me on the right side, snapped off, looked like it could have been cut through.

Well, OK, will have to contact the Pharmacy I got it from, it should be under warrentee.

So, now, here I am standing, another neighbor came by, him on his power scooter, got off and walked over to me and asked about my well being and offered to walk me back into the house, to get my old, spare walker, so we could go on to bible Study Club. (Couldn't miss it, I'm President)

Got into the house, the spare walker was in use as a TV stand in the guest room, so neighbor guy unloaded it and I was on my way.

Have some little aches this morning, a not too bad bruise on my left leg, and a slight ache at my right knee. Hoping it hasn't been knocked loose in the process of getting up off the rose bush!

I contacted the Pharmacy, they contacted the manufacturer, who needed a picture of where it broke, but the Pharmacist described its location on the frame in great detail. If warrented, they will bring me a new one today, but haven't heard from them yet today.

In the meantime, I won't go too far with this older walker, it has smaller wheels so is difficult getting through the lawn, and I do need to go out and get watering done, on the newly planted. We are having a dry-spell and heat wave!!

So that's whats going on around here so far. Think I'll just go read a book I have been into.

Everyone stay well enough, and out of trouble.

Sylvie, keep moving, but don't over do it!! Bending that knee is the most important, bending and straightening. Look what I accomplished with my new knees, could not have gotten up on my born-with ones :) Loretxx

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  • Loret, how dreadful. I hope you haven't bashed up your wrist. And be careful with your old walker - better that you have to buy new plants than a new knee. I do hope your pharmacy apologises profusely, and perhaps sends a truck load of flowers or something to say sorry. You could have been very badly hurt, but thank goodness for neighbours! Rest up. Polly

  • Thanks Polly, Didn't land on my wrist, just the forearm and shoulder, just got lots of scratches from the thorns!

    The Pharmacist and crew have worked diligently and a replacement walker will arrive tomorrw afternoon. She found one exactly like it at a nearby supply house, so she ordered it and will deliver it tomorrow. The one that is being shipped from the manufacturer wouldn't get here until next week, so when it arrives, she will keep it there as the store's stock item. They have all been very nice, knowing it could have been so much worse. Lxx

  • What an awful thing to have happen, I hope you're feeling a little better now. It's shocking that you're walker should break like that and I really hope they get to the bottom of how it happened. I hope the rosebush makes a speedy recovery too! Take care

    Paula x

  • Thanks Paula, I think I'm fine, just a bit more shaken knowing what might have happened, If I had been alone, like when I'm out working around the flower beds and watering everything. If that thing would have broken then, I would have been stranded untyil I could call my daughter in law or sone. I do always keep my cell phone with me.

    I will have the replacement walker tomorrow and they will take the broken one to determin why it broke. Thanks, Lxx

  • Oh dear Loret what a misshap - very glad you are okay but rest up as the fall will still have been a shock to your system. TTxx

  • Tilda, It really did shake me up, also my friend, Margie. But I had a meeting to lead, so just went on and dived right into it. We are studying the Book of Mark in the Bible, and there were some applicable comments he had made. When I got home, I called the Pharmacy, and they got right on finding me another one. Then I lay on the bed and crashed. It had been an exhausting day, and it was only 1:00!! Lxxx

  • Hi Loret, hope you're not too sore today,as sometimes the next day you can still feel horrible too. take care Parkie x

  • I'm good! Had a couple little aches yesterday when I got up, but today seems fine and the new walker is here! Thanks, Parkie :) Loretxx

  • Hi Loret, am pleased you're fine.Yesterday I went to my local park and hired a tramper (industrial electric scooter)with my parents. We were having a lovely walk then was diverted off the easy route. further along it began to look abit steep, but being me i carried on and the tramper slid and i got my arm trapped between tramper and tree.... it hurt, carrying on it got worse, got stuck, was now frightened didn't know whether to go up or down....a jogger saw us and came to the rescue, he helped my stepfather turn tramper round and walked with us till he could put us on another route, which was safe,he had been jogging in that park for 40yrs so knew them well....there are some good people ready to help. Today I ache abit but otherwise fine, speak soon Parkie x

  • OMG! Thank goodness your arm isn't broken! But it sure sounds like a fun thing to do!! Love the adventure! Lxx

  • Hope that you are feeling less sore and that your new walker arrives soon. If it is the same make of walker it might be helpful if your pharmacy finds out the reason for the break just to ensure that your new one doesn't end up the same way. Take care. Wendy x

  • Exactly Wendy, the company asked to have the broken one returned so they could determine why it broke. I keep thinking, what if a cane

    someone was walking with just broke like that? Though it is a different material. Thanks Wendy, Loretxx

  • Lovely Loretta, i only go away for a week and what have you done my friend. I hope that you haven't suffered too much and when you get up this morning your in brighter spirits. I am glad that your getting another one and at no cost to yourself. You take care my darling love sylvi.xx

  • LOL! Sylvie, I knew you would say that :) I'm fine, one bruise on my left leg and very minor scratches from the rose bushes. Feel fine. Just got the new one, so grateful for the Pharmacy for acting on it so promptly. That is the advantage of small towns!

    You will have to let me know how things are going with your rehabbing! Don't want it to get stiff!! Love ya, Loretta

  • I didn't know you had a dirty mind lovely loretta!!!!!

  • lol, maybe I do sometimes, but what did I say? :P

  • Oh no, Loret. Glad that someone was with you & that you got out of the rosebush. Also glad that your pharmacy is helping to get you a replacement walker. Take care so that you don't get infected from the thorns & dirt.

    I'm so glad that you are all right. Rest & pace yourself for a few days to let your body heal.

    Good luck,


  • Thanks Christine, The new walker just arrived via the owner of the Pharmacy. He also delivers Rxs three times a week. I am just so glad it is here! It is exaclty the same model as the other one, just 3 years newer! The tires are wrapped with plastic wrap, so have to go take that off! Have a wonderful holiday weekend. We expect to be sweltering here! Temp nearing 100 degrees on Sunday, or possibly more and high humidity. Definely an A/C day!! Lxx

  • what a disaster Loret. hope you are well recovered by now.

  • Thanks Mads, I am and the new walker is here and lovely, taking it ouit to a high school reunion tonight.

  • Thats great news on the replacement .. love the pic? xx

  • Thanks Summer. The pic is from the shores of Lake Erie, at East Harbor State Park, just above the beach. One of my very favorite spots. This is where I go just as I am being anesthetized for a surgery. Or any other time i want to escape reality :) Lxx

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