Bad week :-(

Hi everyone. After reading alot of the blogs on here looks like there are many people having a rough time at the moement. Think i am feeling the worse i have ever felt in the 4 years since being diagnosed :-( .

I finaly got my MRI results. It shows degenerative changes & inflamation of the tendon & impingement ( bone sitting on a nerve ) . No wonder i'm in sooo much pain with my right shoulder & neck. My Rhuemy nurse added booked you an app with Dr Sam....... 19th April sorry i can't get you in any sooner.

So ive got to suffer this pain even longer o well ive only had to put up with it for the last 12 months!

Then yesterday started being sick ?? No apparent reason. Whats going on with me?

Xx Alison

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  • Have you got to put up with the pain Alison? Or could you ask your Rheumy nurse for advice re. pain meds meanwhile? Of course, you might have tried pretty much everything but I thought it was worth asking.

    I'd say you need to get to your GP anyway as you've been sick so perhaps the meds you are on might need a review sooner rather than later?

    Sounds like you have quite enough to cope with right now but I am wondering how you managed to get an MRI scan! I've been pleading for one for years! Any tips?

    Luce xx

  • Hi Luce. Been on every poss pain relief but nothings helping. Had scan 1st but they said couldn't see my tendons due to a lot of inflamation so i needed mri. I was quite shocked to recieve my app within a month. It took longer to get results back. I havn't a clue what they want to do next. Think i was sick y'day due to the pain i'm in, but i am fed up of going to the docs & emailing my rhuemy nurse i feel like a nuisense. Xx Alison

  • yeah, I say one thing & do another to some extent - it's easy to tell others to contact GP, Rheumy nurse etc. but in reality I end up kind of rationing myself to concentrating on the biggest problems in case I lose credibility with these people. But there again, sitting around in pain day after day - I can't believe that any doctor or nurse worth their salt would want patients to put up with that. All the best, Luce x

  • Hi Ali,

    Sorry to hear you are in so much pain - I am thinking of you and hope you can rest a little to ease the pain slightly. I hope you appointment (when it arrives!!!) is helpful and gives you some answers.

    Take care

    Pen :)

  • Hi Alison

    Cant believe youre going to have to wait that long in pain. Hope you an ring rheumy nurse and get some help.

    Take care



  • Thanx Josie, hope you are feeling better now. Xx Alison

  • Well starflower seem to have dampened my joint pains nearly all week but shoulder is giving me a bit of jip tonight.

    Hey ho tomorrow is another day.

    Take care Alison



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