bad day!!!!

im really feeling rather fed up and down at the moment fed up of pain,,fed up of not being to work properly and fed up cause im not able to do much round the house!!! im off work at the moment due the pain in my right wrist, have phoned rheumy nurse but message i got back said they will be in touch within a week have had enough!!! sorry to moan but i feel like i moan all the time and my poor husband has got enough going on without me moaning thank god for this site its a life saver, hope everyone is doing ok much love :) michelle x

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  • hmm why leave a message saying be in touch in a week, when they could have spoken straight away?? I recommend going to GP if thats the case see if he/ she can help??

  • H i you know how you feel think seeing Gp would be a good idea xx

  • it was a recorded message sorry should have made clear lol x

  • A week!!! that's terrible and are you supposed to just sit there looking at the phone on the off chance they may ring? Definitely go to see your GP for some help. I'd really like to see hospitals make rheumatology more of a priority because the lack of funding stinks.

    Paula x

  • Hay Chemar your not moaning cos we are all here for each other and when you feel like s**t you need to say it rheumy never seems to be there when you need then, but we ARE.

  • thanks :) x

  • i would ring gp hun im like you fed up right wrist kills i also have to wait but it was 4 days and got jab datosnt help at the the time though hun you rant all you like i feelsame always moaning hubby gets fed up and switches off just come on here hun its great thatswhat we here for we cant heal butcan relate

  • awww we hear you Michelle ,,,your not alone hugs x

  • Have you got a splint to put on your wrist, i find it helps my wrist a bit. Don't wait for them calling back just call them again, do they not have another number you could call? x

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