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Good and bad news


With the weather so cold once more I have been struggling once more. My hands, wrists and ankles are flaring once more and to add to the pain my vasculitis is back too.

The gd news is that my partner has booked us a last minute deal to c if a week in the sun would help ease my pain. So 2 more days at work to cope with before we fly to rhodes for a week. This will b my first time flying since being on injectable methotrexate so im bit nervous (got my letter from mtx suppliers so it should b ok). It will also b interesting to c what it feels like flying since the insertion of grommets.

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have a good one just back from zante it was 24 degrees and beautiful, beware mosquitos thpugh!! they have them on Rhodes and Zante x

Hope you have a fab hols. Sun should help the RA.x


Have a brilliant time! X

Have a lovely time.xx

Thanks everyone. We nearly booked zante but flights for this holiday fit better.

I best dig out the mosquito repellent s just in case then.

How lovely,hoping some sun makes you feel better very,can you bring the sun home with you please :)) happy holidays love Michelle xxx

Hi Hope you have a lovely time. I have grommets in both ears since last June as I went totally deaf for no apparent reason.May I ask why your grommets were needed as I haven't been aware of anyone else with them.xx

Oh wow did ur hearing deteriorate with the diagnosis of ra by any chance?

Almost immediately after diagnosis I sounded as tho I have permanent cold and ears were blocked so hearing bad. The wierd thing was that if I put my head forward, or lifted my shoulders or pressed my neck in the right place I could hear again and voice sounded normal.

Saw ent professor who witnessed the wierdness then tested my ears and stuck camera up my nasal passages. He said nasal passages were not working hence grommets. But its been nearly 2 weeks and if anything its worse now. I can hear less and it never clears.

Whats ur experience?

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I was suffering from very severe tinnitus which came on very suddenly and was referred to ENT specialist who arranged brain scan, hearing tests etc. it seems that RA had caused nerve damage, causing the tinnitus. I now wear hearing aids and tinnitus masker (it puts white noise sounds into ears to try and mask out the tinnitus sounds!). I was also given very small maskers to pop in ears at bedtime because the tinnitus keeps me awake. It does help but the hearing loss and tinnitus are here forever. No one would ever believe RA could do this, but it has. I am about to go on lip reading course as I am struggling to hear my little grandson, it was such a shock for me and my family when this happened so suddenly.

Holiday doing my joints world of good but summer was so right about the thirsty mosquitos. Tourists r joking with each other in the bar at night about who has the most bites. Oh but it's worth it to feel the Sun warming my joints in the morning.

Will try to post a pickle of the view from my balcony if it will let me

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