Bad End, Bad Beginning, Mattcass

Hi Guys, I was in A&E since 6o'clock this morning with a trapped nerve i thought i was paralyzed the pain was so bad i passed out and because i was bent over my breathing was erratic, I had no option but to phone a ambulance, got to A&E i was the only one there and it was 4hrs before a doctor came along, again nothing they could do because of the meds i am on, So it's New Year in bed for me the same as last week. i look at Fran and i could cry she has been through so much with me and for the two most important times for Family and there's me in bed, the only good thing is I have no RA pain whatsoever, Life really sucks for me was i so bad in a previous life because the are getting their own back now for sure. Sorry I am down but Happy New Year to you all and your Families. Matt/Fran

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  • Oh Matt, I am sending you a gentle cyber hug!!! You have been thru so much and I really hope your health can take a turn for the better!!!! Take care, lynda xxx

  • Feeling much the same , sending gentle hugs, I'm on such a low too lets hope 2014 starts off a bot better for us all.

  • Matt my darling friend i am sure Fran would sooner have you in bed with her than in the morgue. I know you have had it hard,but we are all alive even if we feel half dead. I am sending you a big squidgy sylvi cuddle and one for for Fran as well. Love sylvia.xxxx

  • Oh Matt, it's so unfair. It seems wrong that in this day and age they can send you away saying there is nothing they can do :-( I really hope things pick up for you soon.

    Dotty xxxx

  • Hello

    Well you cannot beat New Years Eve in Hospital A and E. Did you enjoy their party?, their jokes are a little clinical for me, about bed pans and bed sheats with big needles and other medical things.

    Sorry that you spent time in A and E over the New Year Eve it is not the place I would prefer not to be on that night of the year.

    Excuse above just being silly

    All the very best


  • poor you.. feeling rubbish too but nothing like as bad as you ! hoping for better things in 2014 for us all. I too hope I enjoyed whatever I did wrong in a previous life ! x

  • Hope u feel better soon poor u xx

  • Hiya Matt, I'm so sorry to hear your suffering so much, wish there was something we could all do to get rid of it for you. How are you today? Hope you have found a bit of relief from the pain. Fran is an absolute angel and am sure caring for you is the most important thing for her. You just hang on on in there as who knows what's around the corner. Sending love & hugs, Sally xx

  • Hi Matt, I'm sorry to hear that you're still in so much pain:-( Having been at screaming point myself recently with a trapped nerve I do understand what you're going through. I have a 1OOmcg Fentanyl patch [edging up from 12.5mcg] that has finally got on top of the pain - the nerve has been left to die. I hope that you soon have some relief, it's even more miserable than usual to be in such pain at this time of year. Fran loves you and is there for you because she wants to be - as all who love us are:-}

    Gentle cyber hugs,

    Cece x

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