Bad Flare Gone

After my nightmare flare peaking 3 days ago someone answered my prayers and has gave me some respite..for the time being anyway..the sun's been out in Sunny Scotland and took most of my pain..even got the garden done lol..Im sure I will pay for it soon though..still waiting for my bloods to go back to 150+

And still waiting for Enbrel..and still off mtx and a lot to be thankful for today...keep the chins up everyone thinking of everyone out there...made a massive decision today and will share with all tomorrow xxx

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  • Marvellous news I was hoping it wouldn't be too long for you x

  • Aw thanks Allanah..we can almost be forgiven for thinking it's gone on days like this, hope you are well x

  • Sorry IainM, another post I missed through flipping BETA, didn't get the related one. Back on regular one at the moment trying to catch up & happened upon this. Nevertheless, so pleased you're over the worst of your flare. The sun makes all the difference too & even when I'm bad it lifts my spirits somewhat. Hope you didn't overdo it, you know the rest....YPFIT!

    Oooh you tease, what massive decision?! Why tomorrow & not now? lol

  • Lol..I prob did overdo it..thats normal is it not? Haha..tomorrow because I feel it deserves its own thread, massive thing for me and hope everyone likes it...fingers crossed because tonight I can lol x

  • Okey doke & yes it is normal to overdo it we all know only too well! I'll be bad in the morning as I've had a good day & wired now hence replying at silly o'clock :/

    Look forward to your post & glad you can cross your fingers, personally those days are long gone till meds sorted properly lol x

  • Yep deffo overdone it..bit stiff this morning but nothing terribly bad...Suns out again so its relax today and enjoy..I hope you get your meds sorted soon...x

  • Well, you did say yourself etc........! We never learn do we? Pleased the sun's shining, it's trying here & I've put the washing in so it'd better do it's best lol.

    Meds will be sorted I'm determined. Fed up of generally feeling rubbish.

    Well ..................... waiting for your post!!!!!

  • Nope never learn..I never have, dont think I ever will lol..I really hope you get sorted soon..I still bot sorted but thank god I have some respite..keep pressing the Rheumy and hope you are better soon x

  • Thank you for your good wishes :)

  • Great news. Trust in God and thank Him. I bet your feeling of well-being is going to last for a long spell,

    just stay active and enjoy the sunshine. XX

  • Thanks Zannie I hope it is too...but not too active lol x

  • Talk about not overdoing it butplanning major walk lol!,! What are you like ! ....brave I think xx

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