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Body Care

I am very new to this page, and I am moved by the pain and suffering by many of you out there. But also surprised by some of the chemicals in the way of cosmetics and body care products, especially hair dyes.

Many of these products are down on record as containing harmful chemicals and Cancer causing ingredients. Which gives the body added problems to deal with.

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Not sure what your point is - can you enlighten.... Many thanks


Johnhenry, are you saying that you think the beauty aides we use cause us to have RA? I dont know what your point is. Sorry. Thanks. Linda


Hi Johnhenry - ditto to the others - a bit baffled. Personally I only ever use well made products from health shops and organic shampoo from same health store and always have - have never dyed my hair since I was a teen - so I don't believe there's a connection for my RA and beauty products I use? TT


Please enlighten us!

I personally only really started to use more beauty products since ra was diagnosed.

It's my way off making me feel better and it works better than any off the drugs so far (only cause I haven't found the right combo yet) and if we listened to everything that hasn't been proven as having a risk then excuse the pun but we would be scared of breathing for risk of side effects. We ra sufferers have enough to worry about with side effects off drugs we take.


What about the men who have RA do they all use cosmetics L O L !!!!!!!!!!!!!


hello john, seems you havent made your self clear about what your trying to say, but I totally agree with you about the hidden dangers of the chems in hair dyes, my wife has had some terrible reactions to the high st favs so started using henna based types but has now had reactions to these because of indigo in the henna, basically she can not use anything now and has resigned her self to going grey , she hasnt got R/A by the way, so no connection to that, but ladys out there should be aware the chemicals in hair dye can kill. P/S EVEN if it says 100% natural.


Henna is a very reactive hair dye, contains metalic salts which will react badly with anything you put on top after, all good salon should insist on skin tests prior to colour service.

Hair colours can enter the blood stream, that can never be good :(

It has been reported that there is a higher risk for hairdressers or those exposed to hairdressing chemicals to RA.....

For us who take MTX; we have to be especially careful as the toxins that we sweat (yuk) may react with any hair colourants causing additional hair loss.

I for one am not ready to go grey but have found the best alternative, the best colour to go for should be free from 'para dyes' and ammonia which you can sometimes find in a good health shop however still use with caution and ALWAYS do the skin test as recommended by manufacturers instructions....

I have found a salon that uses 'organic care control system' which is the best I've come across.

Shampoos are another unknown nightmare and it's very hard to avoid all these ingredients in shampoo: sodium lauryl sulfate, ammonium lauryl sulfate, ammonium laureth sulfate and TEA lauryl sulfate, I pester the poor health shop staff to help me find one without it! But I do this as I also have allergies with shampoo's.....and hair colours....bit of a nightmare being a hairdresser with RA on top of all that!!!

hehe but yes Johnhenry, what did you mean? :)


I do think that sometimes reading some blogs can start you worrying about things that quite honestly you don't need to worry about! I enjoy having my hair done, my nails done and the occassional facial or massage - it makes me feel good about myself.

I enjoy reading the blogs on here and wish that there were a few more positive ones which give you a lift!

I try to tell myself that having RA is a pain in the bum (and various other places!) but life goes on and we have to get on with it and make the best of it.


I'm in agreement with the others. I'm not going to worry about chemicals in hair dye/cosmetics. I have got enoug to worry about with the ra/fibro, and anything thats going to cheer me up i'm going to use it. I don't need to on edge worrying about everything in hair/cosmetics etc. sylvi.

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sorry, didn't mean to be negative just informative :)


Hey guys....I'm really surprised at some of your responses. What you put ON your body goes INTO your body. There is a very good site where you can search the products you use and see what's in them.

It's American so maybe not everything we have here is logged but many international companies are listed.

Information is always a good thing!

Well done johnhenry for bringing this up!


Hi Everbody,

I have not said, and I do not believe that health body care products cause RA.What I am saying that if we have serious health issues, we should be extremley careful about products that we put on our bodies.

Everything that we apply to our skin goes straight into the blood system. And if products have harmful chemicals in it will not help us with our existing health problems.

Most Body care products brought in shops including health stores, have harmful chemicals in them. And has been well documented over the years.

It is down to us as individuals to find out what those chemicals are and where they come from.

The chemical industry does not even spare new born babies from these terrible chemcials, in their baby care products.

And just because a product says healthy and organic which it probably is, it will still have chemicals added to it. All that product will be saying which is quite legal, that the ingredients are organic.

There are companies that are out there I know of only two but you must search the website for them.


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