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Nanogen - product range for thinning hair

Like many, I've been losing hair after years of methotrexate and it's started to become an issue, because instead of being bouncy with a bit of kick, what's there just looks flat.

My hairdresser suggested I switch to volumising hair products which I did, but not much improvement. The other day I noticed this new range of hair products in my local Boots whilst picking up my meds.

I'm just waiting to run out of the stuff I'm using before giving these a try. They're not cheap but if they work they will be worth it. Not quite sure how they work but from what I can gather they contain microfibres to 'bulk' your hair.

The packaging specifies that they are good for users of Minoxidil and although I only photographed the women's range, there is also one for men further along the shelf.

Has anyone tried this or does anyone have any other suggestions of products that help?

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WhT bout a serum from the hairdresser. I hve short hair and although thick I use a wax to break it up from the roots. always works and holds well.


I'll be very interested how these work! Cimzea caused a lot if hair loss in my case, (I'm not on it now) and I already have fine flat hair so mabey I'll give these a go. Thanks for info! 🤗X

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Hi. I have the same problem and seeing a shiny scalp is very upsetting.

I’ve found Toppic fibres (Amazon) hide the problem pretty well for every day. They don’t come out until you shampoo.

Has anyone tried Minoxidil? Has it helped?

It will be good to know if the Boots range works so keep us all up to date?




Hi Lesley, yesterday there was a thread about hair loss posted by a member called Dibbers - a few people mentioned being prescribed Minoxidil so it might be worth checking out that thread. Will update on the Boots range when I’ve tried it.


Cheers honey. Lx

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I like the John Frieda range from Boots. They have Thickening shampoo and a range of products to give body to hair. I don't have hair loss my self , but I have very fine straight hair . They often have three for two which helps.

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A few years ago when I was taking methotrexate my hair was falling out,i mentioned this to my consultant and he took me off them.Maybe you should tell your consultant.

good luck.

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