I want a new body! Stat!!!

I want a new body! Stat!!!

So on top of having a ruptured disc in my lower back, (I had steroid shots in to my spine last Wednesday and I sincerely hope that it reduces the inflammation and helps the disc to go back in), I had a trans esophageal U/S yesterday that has found I have a blood clot in my left atrium, probably due to atrial fibrillation that I was told I didn't have, so now I am on blood thinners. This has all come about because of losing the sight in my right eye a couple of times which they now think was a blood clot. Grrrrr. I am now under two cardiologists who I will see mid Nov. seriously over my body and it's nonsense, I just want to get on with it...............

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  • Ooooh that doesn't sound good, you poor thing.

    I guess the good news is that they seem to be onto it now.

    Despite all of this you seem to be on top of things in as much as you could

    possibly be under the circumstance. Sorry there is nothing I can do to help

    but hope if others aren't able to spoil you at this time that you can at least

    spoil yourself a little, you deserve it. Best of luck with it all..... Smiley-face!

  • Thanks I am hoping it will all be good and the blood thinners get rid of the clot

  • Yeah, me too. My mind is my friend, but my body definitely isn't.

  • So absolutely true.

  • Scary for you, but thank goodness they are now on your case. Jora

  • Funny I am not at all scared. I think I have become desensitised to stuff now.

  • Know the feeling, want my body from 25, was slim and fit not this fat dumpy arthritic old woman. Never mind I'm still a rock chick in my head. Hope things start to improve for you and clots dissolve. X

  • Hahaha me too! When did this happen? I certainly haven't changed in my head.

  • Me three!

  • Hi, I have had several epidural after an MRI which the specialist advised was the worst prolapsed disc in my lower back and was ready to operate but I didn't have the usual symptoms that you would have if the nerves were damaged. Last January I had another epidural as I still had pain in my lower back when standing for just 10 minutes but he couldn't see the bulge any more and said that sometimes they can shrink. I still have lower back pain depending what I am doing but nowhere like I use to with sciatica pain.

    Good luck you are really going through it right now. I hope the specialist sort out your medical conditions.

    Take care, Sue x

  • Thanks Sue, I just want the back thing to resolve to where it usually is, I can live with that level of pain as I have had a few bulging discs for years now. This is horrendous and doesn't seem to be resolving at all.

  • I'm sorry to hear this and I hope they sort you out so that you're feeling better soon

  • Thanks Cathie, I just want it to be over and done with and all back to a pain level I can live with.

  • I'll get you one from Amazon! Joking, bless you , I was put on riveroxaban for my ad as a preventative to getting clots. Strange illness isn't it xx

  • Thanks that would be great!!! Hahah yeah I was told I didn't have it and in that time between then and now I have developed blood clots in my left atrium appendage. They put me on apixaban to thin my blood. Great! I am guessing they will try and put me back on some sort of drug but I am not really wanting to as they make my legs swell up like tree trunks.

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