During night waking up to a burning raging hot heated body????

I wake up during the night as my body's overheating. It makes me feel sick and I have how I would describe as pin prick pains zapping different parts of my body. It also happens in my head. My body feels like a fire ball inside. I suffer with inflammation with having rhematiod arthritus and sjorgrens. Wondering if anyone else has experienced this...I am waiting to see a neurologist as I have explained this to my rheumy doctor....???

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  • I wake up hot n sweaty most nights, but not these types of pain you describe. Sorry not much help but I hope they have answers for you soon! X

  • Thanks for your reply. We have some horrid things happen to our body's :( hopefully I will find out soon x.

  • Hi there! I'm exactly the same, mainly at night too but some time I get the odd one during the day, I'm 29 and was diagnosed with RA in March this year, for the last 5/6 weeks by the time I get to bed I am on fire! My face is blood red, all down my chest and part way down my back?? It's bizarre, I (try) to sleep with my fan on fill & window wide open bit my husband is going mad cos he's cold! I'm currently sat awake with my feet in a bath of cold water trying to cool down at 1:12am having a 'burning' moment. If I get any hotter then it causes me to have a panic attack. I'm curios as what this could be? MTX side effect, reaction, something else maybe? I'm going to my Rheumy nurse on Wednesday and ill be asking when I go, it you find anything thy helps, please let me know x

  • Hi thanks for your reply. That's what happens I get so hot my body goes into waves of heat surges and causes me to feel like I'm having a panic. Also when I wake up in the morning I feel wiped out it drains me. I'm 44 and my doctor gave me a hormonal blood test to see if I was going through the change and my blood test came back normal. She did say it could be hormone related and arthritus can cause body heat. I totally understand how you feel and I'm seeing my consultant couple of weeks so if I find anything out I will let you know...:-) take care big hugs xxx

  • it could be side effect from the mtx - i got unbearable skin crawling sensations from mtx - so bad i had to stop taking it. the zaps and pins and needles could be nerve pain, gabapentin is great to take the edge of those - gabapentin also cools me down too because without it i burn up - my pillows will be soaked through in the mornings when i wake up without the gabapentin.it's worth asking if your gp will prescribe it

    for you

  • Thanks so much. I'm in need of something desperately as its keeping me awake at night and its painful as much as uncomfortable. I've had to come off mtx too as the side effects were unbearable for me. I'm not on anything yet and someone said coming off the mxt can be as bad as first start taking it :( see my consultant in two weeks time so will see what he says....it's nice on here when you can share our experiences with these horrid things happening to our bodys. Thanks again x :)

  • Hi Angel

    I'm glad I'm among friends that understand what i'm going through! It is so difficult trying to explain to someone who hasn't had it.

    My hubby thought I'd had a nightmare and dreamt it, until I got it one day and was watching tv and he felt my legs and they were really hot.

    Hope someone can get an answer some where

  • My hubby says he can feel the heat coming off me on a nighttime and he hears me crying in my sleep...it's very uncomfortable for us to suffer this as well as everything else we have to suffer...thanks for all replies :-)

  • This is called neuropathy I believe

  • yes, nerve damage, main cause is alcohol, but i'm certain there are other culprits as I have it too and I hate alcohol, can't stand the taste.. i'm researching all this at present..

  • Anyone suffering with hot hands and or feet, search "erythromelalgia".

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