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What do you do for self help for hand flares?

Mine is probably more enthesitis than synovial inflammation, but my wrist is driving me mad at the moment and making it very difficult to change gear, carry anything, or use my hand to push myself up out of bed or out of a chair. I'm using voltaren gel and putting a soft splint on for short periods of time. Any other suggestions?

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I also use a soft wrist strap in bed and at work but when im home i use a microwave wheatgerm bag as they are quite long and you can wrap them around your wrists. I find the warmth seems to ease it a little but obviously they are not very practical if you are doing things.

Ive also wrapped them round my shoulders and knees, much cheaper then the stick on heat pads just you just pop them back in the microwave.

I just use them when im not doing anything or at watching telly.




I find when mine are sore i put them in a sink of cold water,it helps for a while other than that i have fingerless gloves especially for ra sufferers. Also when they have them in aldi sell elastic wrist straps and they are good as


Oh yes Sylvi

I forgot i have those fingerless gloves too but they only help when im swelling which i dont always do.




I used my paraffin wax bath and used to dunk my whole hand and wrist in as far as possible and then wrap it up in a towel and plastic bag for about ten minutes. Also got a night resting splint made at the Balfour but that was a big struggle and had to come from my OT and my GP and I don't think the hospital OT has time now. I've used it sometimes when things are bad - but they've never been that bad again since. I couldn't turn ignition on or turn the steering wheel for a while but it was mostly my right hand and wrist so gears were just about manageable as long as I had a passenger. Cold does nothing for me but the warm wheat bag was good. But heat is dodgy when in flare - I used a hot water bottle once and had a whole night screaming into my pillow afterwards and only made the connection later on - it felt wonderful at the time though! Tilda x

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Off topic but can i ask where you got your paraffin wax bath from? How often can you use it and how expensive are they to buy?

Hope you dont mind me asking.





i found heat helps more than cold, so putting my hands in a sinkful of warm water can be soothing for a while


WAX BATH ..argos.. may have them on ebay its branded as champnneys wax spa.

about £35?


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