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How long do your flares last?

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Hey everybody!

I've been stuck in a flare since Christmas and I'm feeling sorry for myself, also worrying that this will never go away and I'll be stuck with this level of symptoms forever. How long do your flares tend to last? I'm new to this and still figuring things out


12 Replies
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Did you have a Covid jab before the flare? Some people have had that problem and I think a few found that there RA drug didn’t work so well afterwards.

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Lola has a really good, relevant point there re a flare after a covid vaccine . Also, have you been long on your RA med, Snotts? Could be taking its time to do enough, but if no let up soon, do let your rheumy team know. Hoping for better days soon. 💗

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There is no rhyme or reason to how long flares last. However, as RA progresses the flares become more lengthy and widespread until they are no longer flares, but active and uncontrolled RA.

May I suggest that you speak with your Rheumy nurse it may be that you need a medication review.

Go gently

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My RA has been uncontrolled since diagnosis in Jan 2020 and honestly it’s been one long flare - broken up by blissful periods on steroids or after a steroid injection. I try to tell the consultant this but they don’t believe me. Good luck!

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If you are still having problems contact your Rheumy. It could be your RA is not sufficiently well controlled by the medication you have been prescribed and may need modification.

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You poor sufferers, I thought my RA was typical but it seems not. My flares usually last up to 48hrs! They're brought about if I overload any joint. My Ra is quite mild compared to many others. I've had it 5 yrs & it hasn't changed in that time but I wonder if it will?

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I’ve been in a flare since mid September, with no signs my inflammations markers have decreased at all. Sending gentle hugs

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Sorry your having arough time with your RA 😒 mine seems to be fine for ages, no pain and nothing, then suddenly for what seems like no reason I feel terrible for 2 to 3 days, nothing like yours. Then I go back to being fine again. Having said that I don't feel as good as a year ago. Take care

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I've had an "ankle flare" since Christmas. We stayed in a lovely apartment for 3 days but the stairs were steeper than the stairs at home , with a short turn at the stop which didn't have a handrail .

This difference in height and leaning against the wall because of the lack of handrail , was enough to strain my ankles and feet . By the time we got home I could hardly walk .

The next day we went for my 4 th jab . This really joined in the fun and I've been suffering since . I've had RA for long enough ( 32 years ) to know that eventually it will calm down but may take a few weeks .

It's these small changes to lifestyle that can cause problems.

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Thank you every one of you for your thoughtful and kind replies. I guess I need to be patient and try and trust that it will ease. Easier said than done as I'm sure you all know!

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I understand from the various posts here before that everyone is keen to have their 4th dose of Covid Vaccination. One of the Rheumatologist at the hospital that my daughter attended muttered something about a flare when she told him she was going to have her booster Covid jab. Perhaps he knows something about this... I am not sure. Anyway my daughter went ahead with her Covid Vaccination & she was fine apart from a sore arm. My daughter gets flare every so often. Never can tell when it will be. She had a steroid injection 10 days ago for it. She should be eligible for her 4th dose but wary of having it...

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Since being diagnosed in October last year, I’ve had one big flare. Only get by because of steroids. Had my methotrexate upped this week and added sulfasalazine ( or however you spell it lol ). Hoping it starts to get better soon

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