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Solutions - No 1, the milk bottle you cant open

You may remember that I flung a plastic bottle against the wall recently because I couldnt open it. Well I found a solution this morning to this problem. As long as its a plastic bottle you can make a hole in the plastic and pour the contoents into a bottle you can open. Either directly or via a jug.

Pains are coming back, its nearly a month since the steroid jab. So this is part of a campaign to keep my spirits up. Does anyone else have a solution you'd like to add?

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No solution here apart from getting hubby or son to do it for me or do without. Its so very frustrating though isnt it.

I feel for you if steroid is wearing off, its great when you first get them and feel almost human and normal for a while but once they wear off, thats a different story altogether.

Take care




a nut cracker is great for plastic or screwtop bottles


I'd never thought of this


Hi Cathie,

I am the genuine 'bag lady' although they have to be small! I have one to carry washing downstairs and outside to the shed for the tumble drier, one for all the recycling again to be taken to the shed, one for food that's either in the fridge or freezer again shed, one that I take with me for shopping, (if I am on my own), as that will enable me not to carry too much. Plus the usual handbag thats slung around the body. I have to say that all the bags are what the shops give you when purchasing goods and I use these until they fall apart before replacing with another one. Oh I would hasten to add that we do have both fridge and freezer indoors, the ones in the shed are backups, to enable us to shop once a week at Tesco and once a month at M&S that way any perishables are well and truly cooled, plus fruit, veg and salad can still stay fresh longer.

Did you pierce the bottle or the top, I would find either hard to do at the moment.


Used a sharp knife at great peril. Just a small hole will do. I expect you should be careful about cleanliness...

Your bags sou d good, I've got one which rolls up and I take it everywhere it doesn't weigh anything.


I have been doing this for sometime Cathie, sorry i didn't think of blogging it, I would also let the family know you have made a hole in the bottle as my daughter soon found out when she poured the rest of the milk in her cup of tea lol, it went every where, xx


If it is a milk bottle after you have got someone to open it you can but these bottle pourers for milk they come in res,green and blue and we use them all the time. I also have things to grip the top with to open it if i'm on my own other than that make sure you have your own personel slave on hand to do this sort of work!! xx


Its good to find things round problems. Luckily i still had old bottle so i coukd decant into that and chuck old one away. On my own til tomorrow so i wont have to remember to tell people about best before date


Yes ive got one of those v things you can put bottle in but the slightly wobbly plastic sometimes refuses to budge. So stabbing it (carefully) was v satisfying.

Very cold here xx


good solution, but it wouldn't help me when I have problems some days even lifting the bottle out of the fridge!


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