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yes got so good news a last , after losing my DVA, the went to a tribunal and lost on that, but was told by the doctor ,there to reply, upon which I did , and yeeesss,:) got a letter back saying I got the mobility and middle rate care,, oh the money will help me so much, can have me heating on,, so don't give up if any has been turned down keep on as them . I no have hard it is to just give up, ,,and went to when of the silly medical services on the 21st on Jan,, wot a joke that is as well , so now waiting, to hear back , about the so called points , if I get any, from Atos , , so good luck to any one trying to get DVA, JUST FIGHT IT, love to you all jo.xx

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  • Congratulations great news you did well

  • Congratulations jo,it just goes to show persistance pays.xx

  • Fantastic x

  • That's brilliant, I only get low rate care no mobility so well done. Do you have someone living with you? If so as you are on middle rate care they should be able to get carers allowance. I do for my son and at £58 a week it is nice.


  • no I live on my own, but lucky I have one of my daughter ,always come up to help me, as having to sale my house ,and now renting one was I could be closer to get the help I need,

  • Fab news! I get high rate mobility and lower rate care from last july but they have only given it to me for a year so will have to renew again this year as they said the MTX should improve my RA,only its not and infact i'm getting more flare ups than before.x

  • yes they only give it to me for a year as well , must be a new thing,

  • It's a joke isn't it. I must confess, I was one of those that said "what's the point in contesting" (paperwork freaks me out since my hubby died - after filling in all those required documents). 'They' decided I only needed £10 a week as I only needed to cook one meal a day, apparently I don't need to feed my son! who's still in primary school. It's madness. Never mind the heating etc.

    So well done to you for fighting the fight. :o)

  • I didn't understand why only a year as well x

  • Glad you persevered and succeeded! It all adds to the stress we don't need, doesn't it. What ATOS and DWP put me through last summer was awful. I too appealed and they backed down. I shouldn't have even had to do that. I had an awful flare with all the aggro surrounding it. What made it worse the Atos assessor hadn't a scooby doo about RA.

  • Well done you!

    Fantastic news and well done on persevering throughout.



  • Well done x

  • Congratulations pleased for some positive news, shame you had to fight so hard for it. Linda

  • yes they make things so hard , just to try and live now to wait for the letter from the medical services , to see if I got the silly points , to see if I still get esp, which will be a fun , as will have to got on job seeker, if do not get the points , jo. x

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