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Does anyone suffer from burning sensation in legs?


I'm. 43, I have osteoarthritis in hips, knees, ankles and feet. I have also started getting pain in my fingers in last 6 months.

This last 6 months I have been getting hot burning sensation in my legs mainly from knees down the front of my legs to my feet.

It has happened during the day when I have had my legs up in my recliner chairs, and it has woke me up in the night.

Can anyone advise.

Angel blessings to you all.

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Hello there,

I don't get burning sensations as such but I do get quite a variety of 'interesting' sensations & also quite appalling cramps in my legs. I have joint damage in knees & hip and I assume that there is some knock on effect, perhaps on nerves.

I think you should get the burning sensation checked out - you don't sound as if it distresses you greatly, though it's horrible being woken up by things like this - but it may be something your GP or consultant needs to know & perhaps they'll be able to help. Which reminds me - I must get my cramp checked out, I hate it!

Luce x

Hi Luce

Thanks so much for your advice, I wasn't sure if it was just my circulation working better.

I also suffer with cramp, it starts in my shin and goes down to my foot and makes my foot turn inwards.

The only thing that got rid of it was standing on something like frozen peas, ice pack ect, It's because I have fallen arch in my right foot.

It makes the bones in the foot twist and trap the blood vessels and nerves, which causes the cramps.

I tried physio but I lost all feeling to the right side of my body 7yrs ago after choking on some food and wasn't offered any physio, until last year when I got really bad sciatica.

She gave me some exercises to form standing on 1 leg an swinging the other back & forth, knowing I had no feeling! And really bad balance.

I ended up seeing a chiropractor and was best thing I ever did. She resets my body every 6 weeks, the sciatica has totally gone and my balance is the best can be apparently the muscle in my cheek on tbd right side has tightened up and not released and it is joined to the main core muscles in the body!

Sorry for writing so much but it may be read by someone who has similar problems and could help them.

Thanx again for your advice,

Take care and angel blessings to you

Deb x

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I was only speculating ....... didn't occur to me that the burning sensation might actually be a positive thing i.e. the result of improved circulation! That's an interesting possibility.

Thanks for your advice! I might see a chiropractor myself though the RA 'to do' list tends to keep growing. I can imagine that chiropractic might be very helpful for anyone who moves around in a slightly wonky fashion!

All the best, Luce x

mitzymoo in reply to Hidden

Hi Luce

Your welcome, we are all here to help each other.

I was very wonky! it turned out that 1 of the exercises i could do that the physio gave me was making my twist even more as the left side was doing all the work as right was obviously couldn't.

i had to lay on my back and push my pelvis up into the air, brilliant exercise to give as a torture when they have severe sciatica! it ended up that my back locked and i had a slipped disk for christmas (nice present to give to someone)!

my left side was 4 inches higher than right! i knew i was lob sided but not that bad.

but my healing angel sorted me out and now i just go for maintinence as they call it.

Take care and angel blessing to you and your family xx

I believe in devine intervention and have had alot of it and i pass it on to people as often as i can so they get the same.

so please accept this as a thankyou for your advice and support.

woolly i have had my circulation checked out cos my legs get mad hot and the feet also can go cold then red hot at night

and my circulation was alright

i think its the nerves in the knees playing up if you over do it

also have nodules that came up on me hands in 3 days

doc said artheritus WHAT IN 3 DAYS cant belive that cos i got good grip

also the nerve system has two one telling what to warm up and and cool down area's

think its called the limpatic nerve system have a look on net for it.

regards john

Hi minka

Thanx so much for letting me know your experience.

Thinking about it, it does seem to happen when I've been over doing it.

Take care and angel blessings to you and your family

I'm interested to hear mitzymoo that you have oa in so many places. When I was told I have it in my toe, I thought it wouldn't spread. Now it has, to various foot and hand joints on both sides, and starting in my knees too. It almost seems all I have to look forward for relief is surgery!

Hi Rowantree

Alot of mine was karma! I used to ride horses in my youth! (that statement made me feel old)

And alot of the horses at the yard I went to were either badly treated and rehomed there and needed alot of tlc, which I gave them by the ton, or had bad habits.

One enjoyed dumping me on either the floor or a couple of times I was thrown onto rails at the side of the racecourse, we used to gallop the horses on the outside and the horse spooked and I landed body one side and feet the other knees bent the wrong way on the rail.

Yes it hurt like he'll, luckily I only dislocated my knees and did the ligaments minor damage, but that and gaining alot of weight over the years after I stopped going to the stables, put more strain on my knees and other joints that they couldn't cope with and now I'm paying for it big style!

I also found out last year through going to a chiropractor that I have got hypermobility. From being able to walk I've always been able to do splits and touch the floor with the palms of my hands when my legs were straight. My favourite trick was picking things up with my toes.

i had no idea it wasn't normal till my chiropractor said I shouldn't do it as now my body can't take it and my ligaments and muscles aren't tight enough to hold my joints in place. I now have to have everything from waist down reset email every 6 weeks!

So note to Everyone (DO NOT over stretch yourself) if it starts go hurt stop! My dad used to do karate when I was 3 and he had me doing all the exercises he had to do, only difference was in could do them he couldn't! Now we know why.

Like you I have osteoarthritis, and the burning on front of my legs. I'm allso hyper mobile. Have your doctors consider Ehler's-danlos syndrome as that's what I have. Good luck

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