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Burning Sensation

Hi everyone,

I have had a burning & radiating feeling in my breast sides, armpits and a bit behind, same area in my back.

I have RA (I was told so), on mtx and plaquniel for 7 months. I'm off meds for a couple of weeks because I was abroad and didn't have access to any pharmacy.

Any thoughts till I see my doctor? The country is in holidays plus the weekend.


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Hi Hala, have you got any painkillers in the house that you can use until you see your doctor? Also I find hot and cold packs very useful.

Best thing is next holiday make sure you have enough drugs and painkillers to go with lol!

Hope you get seen soon x

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Hiya Hala. Not sure what could be causing it. Does it feel similar to when you asked us last? If so what did your doctor say it could be? I wouldn't have thought that being off your meds a couple of weeks would make any difference, it's not long enough. I don't know what the situation is in Egypt but I would think there are emergency drop-in centres or similar, if it's really concerning you I'd go along & see if they can help there. I do hope so, it will be a long weekend of discomfort otherwise.

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Hi nomoreheels :)

It is another part of the story that I asked about before. The story started with a jabbing pain in the side and the lower part of left breast. My left breast is naturally more lumpy than the right one. I did a self check, I felt nothing strange. Then the pain stopped and a burning feeling started in both breasts. Then this burning stopped and moved to the breast sides, armpits and a bit behind in my back.

No discharge, No change in nipple, no redness, no rash.

Ice packs gave me some relief but pain comes back again.

I have read somewhere that mtx can cause breast tenderness or discomfort.

I also read that toxins from mtx piles up in the breasts.

This all starts right after my period ended last month, I'm 36.

can't stop thinking of horrible scenarios :(


Don't worry Hala, it could be something quite normal, for you that is, hormonal changes particularly if it's more obvious around the time if your period. I used to have them, obvious to me as I'm small breasted! I also used get pea-sized lumps under my armpits, it was the lymph glands being more pronounced & tender. This was at least 10 years before RD & my doctor put my mind at rest that it was hormonal & quite normal but a blinking nuisance when they came up!

It could be mastitis, a painful inflammatory condition....but all these are guesses & only a visit to your GP will determine just what it is I'm afraid. Please try to resist the temptation to search online, you'll scare yourself silly. I did it when I was waiting for the results of a core biopsy after a 're-call, I should have known better but thankfully it was a macrocalcification which I was told is quite normal in women my age (53 at the time).

So, it could be any number of things, not necessarily serious so please don't stress, you risk bringing on a flare & you don't want to have to be coping with that as well. Either pop in to a walk-in centre or make an appointment to see your GP when the Surgery opens again.

We're here if you want to chat til then. x


Check for any rash or blistered areas. I'm definitely not saying it's the same for you as me. When I had those symptoms I had shingles. Thought at first my bra was rubbing. Please don't freak out just telling you what caused my pain like that.. Good luck x

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i have no rash or blisters,

not freaked out by shingles, i am scared of something else :(


See your GP and get it checked, good luck x


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