MTX and sore throat plus?

This isn't really a medical question because my GP will phone me back soon hopefully but I have a hefty head cold that's getting more intense now and a throat to match. I know what it is because everyone here has had it or got it and it seems to go on and on. I will ask my GP about taking my 17.5 Metoject tonight but wonder if anyone knows why we are meant to report sore throats while on this drug? I phoned the doc a week ago today also with a sore throat but she had just taken my blood the day before and said all was fine with WBCs. Obviously its over a week since bloods and I'm much worse now so thought I'd better check. Hubby has just been given antibiotics for sinusitis so reckon I'm just at earlier stage with it than him. Hoping GP says to give it a miss this week but what if it lingers - how long until the absence of MTX is felt?

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  • Not sure if it same the for MTX but I have been told to contact the nearest doctor if I have a sore throat etc whilst taking Entercept and Leflunomide, reason being that they are immo suppresents and you are twice as likely for the illness to gather strength and go to the chest. Which if not caught in time will land you in hospital.

    Luckily for you Tilda that I was with my rhumy nurse this morning with a trainee and they asked the question why I had to stop Entercept whislt having a chest infection at Christmas, and why the length of time I was off it. The response was what I have explained to you earlier. Hope you feel better soon, take care. xx

  • Thanks Georje yes this applies just as much to MTX as your drugs so I hope GP agrees. I did ask a GP before when throat was sore (was in with son with a throat infection st the time) and he just said "of course you must take it - not a good idea to miss it at all!". A year or so later I checked the sheet and it clearly says to report a sore throat but not sure if this is only if one develops after taking or if its a sore throat in isolation perhaps. As you probably know I don't have a rheumy nurse but minded to pass on tonight's injection whatever my GP says when he phoned back. This cold isn't the usual I'm told - people are still moaning about it a month later so rather dreading sane happening to me!

    Things don't go for my chest normally and i had my pneumonia jab a month ago anyway. Xxx

  • Oops iPhone predictive txt at play plus now have a grand fever and can hardly focus! X

  • Update - GP says pass on this week's dose and if throat continues then get bloods done sooner. Yipee no stabbing for me tonight! X

  • How stupid, but I'm feeling jealous that you've been "let off" tonight! Daft as I'm taking this drug for my own good, but I do still dislike the weekly moment when I get the box of paraphernalia out. Hope you get a good night's sleep and feel better tomorrow. Px

  • Do you want me to send my paraphenalia-free 15mg Metoject down to you Polly? I am feeling as guilty as you are feeling jealous but honestly if you had this particular cold you'd rather be stabbing yourself in the belly with relief I promise! My eyes are leaking copiously - and I've got a hanky lodged under my nose like a horse with and oat bag! Ironically, having had a bad week with stiffness and some ache in the build up to this cold I was actually quite looking forward to tonight's wee jag. I hope I wake up cold free or at least that the worst is here now and can then enjoy lack of hangover and a week off the MTX. Good luck tonight I'll be joining you again next week - and please do ask about the Metoject it seems daft to me that you don't have the prefilled syringe - I'm looking at my sharps bin, or generic Orange Stream Waste pot with very mixed feelings tonight. I feel like I've failed my joints a little somehow? Tilda x

  • PS others probably know this but I didn't - white blood cell count isn't the problem with taking MTX if sick with cold - or unlikely to be in my case. GP explained that because he could hear how coldy I was he thought the risk of my taking it tonight was the reduced immunity to infection so it could go straight to my chest. Apparantly it's just sore throats on their own that ring alarm bells but he said if the throat continues to be sore after the cold has lessened then I should go in for an early blood test. Sometimes I'm so stupid I thought the WBCs and infection risk were part of same thing!

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