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Sore throat and ear but no sign of infection?


Hello all, Just wondering if anyone has ENT problems that come and go? Is this common with RA? I have a recurring stabbing in my ear and pain swallowing but no sign of infection. I'm not on meds apart from Naproxen and Omeprozole, but have recently had a sinus throat infection so now I am about to start Methotrexate so went to my GP to query if infection was still there and it appears not?

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Hi Jomojo. I am also on methotrexate and naproxen and recently had a sinus infection then had terrible trouble with my ear. The doctor said it was probably a build up of fluid left after the sinus infection and prescribed me decongestant that quickly cleared this up but I stopped taking after a few days as it was causing me to have a racing heart. Hope this helps.

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Hi Rachel. Sinutabs make my heart race. I stick to Sudafed. Complicated businesses this RA and its meds isn't it?

Hi Jomojo, I have RA and also take Naproxen regularly and on Enbrel (Benepali). I have no ENT problems so it might just be coincidence. If you're not sure you could ring someone from your Rheumy team and they will advise you. Love, Legs x

Sounds as if you might have some problems with Eustachian tube blockage? This is the tube that goes from your middle ear to the back of your throat and can get intermittently blocked with mucus - this seems quite common at this time of year because of high pollen levels making us produce more mucus which then drips down the back of our throats.

I find washing out my nose in the shower, sometimes using a saline nasal spray if it's bad, and using my hay fever medication helps mine.

That could be possible. I am irritated with liquid at the back of my throat. It isnt ant better today dull earache and pain on swallowing. Could be a blockage or hayfever who knows? I started my Methotrexate last anyway. So hopefully nothing worsens or reacts. Thanks for your replies. Slapping the factor 50 on now. Xx


I posted 3 weeks ago regarding similar issues. I started off feeling rather muffled and deaf on my left side and at first was told no infection, but I was adamant something wasn’t right so went back to GP again and they found I had a middle ear infection was given a weeks worth of clarithramycin for that not to do anything. Then was given another weeks worth of oxytetracycline and ostiporin ear drops again for that not to touch it. I was then referred to an ENT on emergency Referal which turned out not to be an emergency referal and was given an appointment for October! So went back to my docs and demanded something be done as I couldn’t cope any longer I was feeling sick dizzy I had fallen numerous times because my balance if not already effected enough by Spina Bifida and RA the middle ear problems were just adding to it! Eventually got seen last week and was told I had trapped fluid in the middle ear behind my ear drum. Also diagnosed with dysfunctional Eustachian tube, they mentioned a few things that could be done perforating my ear drum to release the fluid and putting in a gromit which I was not over keen on that idea! Another was burning and scaring the inside of my nose lining so the Eustachian tube could no longer Inflame and trap fluid in the middle ear again another option I was not over keen on. Sometimes feels like if anything else goes wrong with your body you will be made defunct! To cut a long story short don’t give up and just take what the GP says first time round as gospel because if I had done I would still be sitting here miserable now! It’s took just over 8 weeks to start feeling “normalish” again. I’ve had everything shoved in my ear and up my nose possible barring a banana (only because I’m allergic to them) otherwise trust me if I thought it would help I would have tried that too!! Ask your GP or ENT if you manage to get one to prescribe you sum sterimar nasal spray it’s micro file tested sea water smells a bit funky but it’s a god send if you are stuffy and finding it hard to cope with your sinuses/ears. I also tried avamays spray which made me feel dizzy and faint so that was stopped, I’m now currently trying dymista spray which seems to be helping as I really don’t want to go down the operation route! I hope you get sorted don’t suffer I silence! All this started after starting sulfasalazine too but that’s helping out with the RA sometimes you just can’t win! Good luck!

Hi okerrio. Hope your doing well?

I went back to my GP as my eae and throat haven't improved. I was given sterimar nasal spray without mentioning it and your right it has made big difference. GP thinks its a post nasal drip and if it returns again or doesn't improve I'll be referred to ENT to rule out polyps and blockages.... Fair enough.

For years I have had a runny nose. Then recently I started feeling really bad. Sores in my mouth which I never have gotten before and ear pain. I started getting some headaches too. My ENT finally had my sinuses CT scanned. It showed my sinus passageway on my left side was blocked and I may have a cyst or polyp. I had surgery and it wasn't any of those. I had what they call a fungus ball. I have had it for years apparently it was making me more ill. I was told I could had this for years. I don't know how I even got this either. To make a long story short have your sinuses scanned. I wish you only the best.

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Thanks for that advice Trish. My GP tells me everytime I go with sinus and throat problems ( ear pain is a new thing ) that they need investigating and he will refer me to an ENT. Then I go back and remind them and they give me treatments again and say try this first?

At the moment they are fine so I wonder if mine is seasonal or allergies. I guess if it was otherwise it would be perminently a problem. I hope thats the end of your sore throats and ear problems.

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