Not a good day

Hello everyone,just felt like having a moan today, apart from the bad back from hell,now in it's 4th week,I also have a chest infection, been awake all night coughing up vast volumes of gunge,on amoxicillin from docs.feel so lifeless,wondering what else is in store for me,maybe I'm shuffling to the front of the que(bloody hope not) anyway hope your all having a better day than me.,things will be better tomorrow,just on a downer

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Aww darling you sound like you need a hug so here is a big soft sqigdly one from me darling.

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You do sound as though you need to curl up under the duvet. I hope the amoxicillin does it's good work & you're feeling somewhat better by the morning. Roll on Spring! Hugs x


Try a visit to a good local osteopath I find they are magical and never take anything for severe back pain and I had a disk come out in my neck causing right quarter paralysis. GP advised me to try his osteopath and never looked back. I recommend ice and heat on the area rotating every 20 mins or so and stay mobile no matter how much it hurts you must keep moving. Hope your feeling better soon.


How's the chest now? Any better?


Hi Allanah,still coughing, but much better at night,back still not good, had x ray yesterday.feeling better than I did,all gets to much sometimes,saw some lovely daffodils today,they cheered me up.hope your ok.xx


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