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Here's one for the DAS score of pain on a scale of 1-10 .... A big 11 :(

Hi all hope you are all ok ....Ive had a really busy week at work ....RA has been moderate and am settling into an increased dose of methx 20mg but struggling with work (TA in school) bending over desks and little people etc ....went to bed last night with a sore hip and leg and omg today I literally can't move my leg this morning , can't apply any pressure it's agony ...don't cry much am bit bit of a tough cookie but cried buckets its soooo painful. The thing is years ago I fractured my hip and thigh bone and was on crutches for 3 weeks and this feels like it has happened again same place , same pain etc ?! Did fall in ice 3 weeks ago and jarred my back and hurt all over the next day and just felt a little fragile but carried on working , doing mummy stuff etc and now this . Perhaps the RA is attacking an old fracture not sure, am taking pain killers and its me and bed today.. will see how I am after weekend ...

Lots of love everyone x

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You mst get this checked out an x-ray would probably be useful. speak to gp to arrange with local hospital it will be done with in a few days xray dept is one of the best dept in most hospitals.. quick and efficient with early morning and early even slots often avialable, get some advice re pain killers too x


Morning Claire have inboxed,do you think it has anything to do with slipping in the ice a few weeks ago? You know your body more than anyone so if you think a trip to drs is a good idea then you must go,just to get it checked out,take some of your strongest painkillers to tide you over.have you had this pain before with your RA?plse just go and get it checked out,speak later my love xxxx


I agree with Summer and Shell - I wouldn't leave it like this for the weekend it sounds hellish. Get onto your GP asap and see if you can get an emergency appointment today. Tilda x


Yes i also agree, really hope you are feeling a lot better soon , take care XX


I would definately get it looked at.

I hobbled around for a week at school (also a TA lol) and i have a high pain threshold.

Got foot checked out and had broken my big toe lol!!




i'm new to this site but have been following the last few weeks and some of the posts have helped me understand abit more about ra. i've had it 3years and am been in a flare since nov 28th this week have just staryed on methx on 15mg as well as hydro . im just wondering do you no if you can take paracetomel with methx as im in alot of pain .



Yes no prob at all with paracetamol and Methx ( unless your consultant has said otherwise due to other conditions you have ) I think we all live on it and more ...hope u feel better soon x


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