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I have just had an ultrasound on my right shoulder and am very upset


I have had RA for over 20 yrs had a bilateral knee replacement and 18 mths ago a new right hip. Have had 3 operations on my feet and three on right wrist. The ultrasound shows torn rotator cuff and a right shoulder x ray taken two weeks ago also shows osteo arthritis. I cannot reach up properly to a light switch (let alone the bag of sugar so beloved by assors) :(

My left shoulder has all the same symptoms.

I am 76 and feel so down I cannot face yet another op.

Has anyone on here had these shoulder problems and if so how was it treated please.

I am under the NNUH Norwich if you know of good surgeon there please PM me.

Thank you.

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Wow that is alot of surgery you have endured. I can understand you have been on quite a journey with all that. I am 44, had RD for 15 years, had both hips and knees replaced, hand surgeries, need a new shoulder and elbow but not brave enough and like you I have had enough of surgery. I am having lots of hydrotherapy at the moment, the warm water helps the pain. I can't reach up either but trying to strengthen the shoulder muscles with exercises. Physio seems to be the only alternative and painkillers. Sending you love and support x

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Thank you for your kind response Metal-legs sorry I haven't posted sooner, have been trying to climb out of "The slough of despond" (John Bunyon) and have now got my head in a somewhat better place.

I am sorry you are going through it all too, were you unable to have any of the biologics that were supposed to prevent all the damage. I was dianosed in 1994 and they were just coming in but were not available to me only sulphasalazine for 3 yrs. The metho. for 6 months, then left to get on with it.

What had really upset me was I found out a day before the ultrasound that my medical notes from 1994 said I had fibrosing alveolitis and the respiratory med.consultant said a recent CT scan showed that was not true.

it was scarring from whooping cough and double pneumonia in 1941.

It was on the basis of the diag. of fibrosing alveolitis that they refused to give me the biologics when they became available.

I had queried the alveolitis and told the then consultant about the whooping cough and was told that was irrelevant.

I have been offered hydrotherapy but feel too weary to cope as I need someone to take me there and bring me back plus can't cope with the hassle of being under pressure to hurry up when trying to get dressed as "someone else needs the cubicle".

Kind regards and hugs.


You've certainly been through the mill, no wonder you are feeling down. I hope you have family and/or friends who can give you some support. NRAS have a free phone helpline if you feel talking might help, and they would know what is available in your area.

I do hope you can get through this, it's such a rotten disease, and it never stops.

All I can do is send you my best wishes, good luck, M x

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Hi hathetsup, thank you for your reply, I do have a 3 remaining friends but they are as decrepit as I am! :(

My son lives close by but I can't talk to him as he gets visibly distressed, he is very good with practical help but can't handle the emotional stuff.

Thank you for reminder about NRAS help line.

Hugs. siskin.

So sorry, I'm feeling very down today so can empathise a bit. It's only a thought but I thought I'd share it - I'm trying regular meditation to calm my worries and rest a bit. I hope things look up for you, it's a long haul isn't it xxx

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Hi cathie, thank you for your response, sorry so long in acknowledging you.

I used to do mediation many years ago, but can't seem to get in to it at the moment, I sort of get partway there and then I don't know if I get a blood pressure drop or something but I seem to feel "I can't cope with this" as I feel physically weak and shaky.

I have just read your profile and see you are studying art. Is that distance learning or college?

I have just become interested in Zentangling which I really enjoy and do find that relaxing and that does seem to have some meditating effect. I find it satisfying because I can produce some nice nice patterns, :) whereas I can't "draw" anything, (had to google how to draw a pyramid) :( even then I couldn't copy it realistically.

Take care


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I'm doing art at oca,distance learning. The local college no longer does part time courses and recently I've not been well enough to go, I'll have to look up zentangling. I've used mindfulness meditation a bit, it does help to keep your head together when there's too much pain and not enough caring.

Hi siskin,

so sorry to hear how down you are feeling. We don't recommend surgeons ourselves but if you need to have a talk about things then please feel free to ring the helpline to have a chat:

0800 298 7650 Monday - Friday 9.30am -4.30pm

Best wishes

Beverley (NRAS Helpline)

Thank you Beverly, have written number down, a lot better to-day, usually manage to get above it but sometimes well it all seems a bit defeating.

Thanks to all you NRAS admins. You are stars. We would all be a lot worse off without you.


Thank you,

that is very nice to hear


Glad you are feeling a bit better. I' ve been low myself lately, so I know where you're coming from. It's all related to this rotten disease I think. It's so difficult for family, often they can't cope with the realities of RD, which leaves you on your own That's why I suggested the helpline, it may help to be able to talk to someone. I don't know whether there is a local NRAS group, that might provide a chance to meet people in the same situation.

I do hope you can get some support from somewhere. At the end of the day, if you get as much advice and support from the people here as I have, that is something positive.

Best wishes. M x

There's research on the Link between depression and inflammation

HI i have just read your post and have had similar problems with my right shoulder although not as bad as yours. I am now waiting for another steroid injection but it keeps coming back. I haven't had an ultrasound but am going to push for one now i have read this post. I do hope you don't have to have another op after all you have been through and hope you are feeling a little better. Keep me posted and I hope you are not in too much pain. xxxx

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