Cancer versus RA the battle begins

Hi everyone

I was diagnosed with cancer on my tonsils a few weeks ago whilst also being treated for RA. I had my tonsils and several lymph nodes removed and after a couple of weeks of pure hell, am feeling a bit better. The weirdest thing is that, although all my RA medication has been stopped, except for anti-inflammatories ( waste of time anyway) I have had very little pain at all from my joints. Now I'm not sure this isn't because my mind has been taken up with other joyful happenings ( radiotherapy in a couple of weeks time) or I don't feel the pain at the moment because the tonsillectomy and cut throat have taken over but it would be interesting to hear of other folk's experiences.

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  • I have no experience of such a situation, just wanted to send best wishes for a full recovery. M xx

  • I'm afraid I can't pass on any experience of this but wanted to tell you I am thinking of you and wishing you well !! Hugs. Lynda xx

  • Me too Caz, I hope all goes accordingly & your recovery is speedy. I hope your RD lies dormant (?) whilst you focus on getting better. Remember we're here though if or when you need us. x

  • I hope your recovery is speedy and sustainable and the RA remains 'sleepy'

    All the best


  • Sorry to hear you are going through this. When I had cancer, I stopped my Methotrexate but continued with the Leflunomide whilst having chemotherapy. My RD slipped quietly to sleep for the duration, and one year afterwards. Back on Methotrexate now. Wishing you the very best of luck and sending massive hugs. xxx

  • Thinking of you, hope all goes well. X

  • Wishing you much luck and sending hugs. xx

  • Wishing you a speedy recovery and hope the RD stays away. Sorry I can't answer your question. Gentle hug x

  • I can't answer your question but wanted to send you best wishes for your recovery ☺

  • I had cancer as a kid and have RA now so have no experience of them both at the same time. Wishing you success in your treatment and that your RA stays at bay xXx

  • I had a friend who had stomach cancer and rheumatoid disease. She said the same, all her joint pain completely vanished while she was having surgery and treatment. It must be so challenging having 2 conditions to battle, you sound a very courageous person. I hope everything goes well for you.

  • Many thanks for all your kind wishes. Feeling supported.

  • Hi cazpz,

    My son and I wouldn't allow my husband to go on the DMARD drugs because my husband has bronchiectasis, (rotten areas of chronic infection in the lungs, for which he takes permanent antibiotics.) The Rheumatology Nurse who told my husband he had RA in February this year, insisted he would be on DMARD's for the rest of his life. My son and I read all the latest medical press on RA and no way could we see that it was correct to pump people full of poisonous drugs for the rest of their lives, without even being certain the disease was fully active. My husband wanted his knees replaced, so that he could walk again. He didn't take any DMARDs before his surgery because it would have reduced his immunity and he might have got a post op infection from his lungs in his blood stream to his knees. He had his knees done seven weeks ago and is back gardening again. His hands never swelled up any more and he still doesn't take any DMARDS!RA is a disease that comes and goes, and I don't really understand why people are forced to take the drugs when the disease isn't active. A person's immune system protects them from getting cancer, but Rheumatologist's don't tell patients that, when they insist on them going long term on immuno-suppressants. I think it is wrong they are not honest with people. My husband is very glad he listened to his family instead of his Rheumatologist. I expect his swollen hands and feet will be back, but me old fella can walk again and he'd never have got the knee replacements if we hadn't defied the Rheumatologist, (the Orthopaedic Surgeon who replaced my husband's knees said in his case, he would have been inoperable, with the severe and infective lung condition and on DMARDS. I'm so glad you have survived your cancer op and hope your remission from your RA lasts as long as possible. Regards,

  • I wish I could be more helpful. I just want to wish you the best and I pray your RA has gone in remission.

    take care


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