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Birthday girl

It's my birthday,easy for everyone to remember,11'11 52, can't believe I'm 64, keep singing that Beatles song,you know the one, when I get older, losing my hair, many years from now,my kids say, here she goes again,singing some ancient song,bet you all get this from your kids to!Wont be moaning about pain today, will have a few sherbets later and open my prezzies,and enjoy the day.At 11,will be thinking of all the brave souls who gave so much for us all.Hope you all have a decent day,and happy birthday to anyone else who shares this special day with me.xx

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Very best wishes for your birthday Rosebaywillowherb .

I hope you have a brilliant day and get spoilt rotten.

So 64 years young then - go get em girl,party,party and don't forget your sherbets tonight you've earned them.

Have a good one!!!!!

Take care.




Happy birthday to you!!! Have a great day and loads of treats :-D xx


Happy birthday 🎂🍹


Just catching up so I hope you enjoy the rest of your birthday. I was annoyed, we were out this morning & I didn't keep an eye on the time so missed the 2 minutes silence.


Happy birthday! :) I hope you had a lovely day.


A belated happy birthday my dear. 64, sooo young. Keep young!


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