Appointment. What Bl***y appointment (Part 2)

So having rang the rheumy nurse secretary last week to tell her I had no letter telling me of the appointment I was supposed to go to on the 18th which they rang to tell me I had missed, she fixed another for me on the phone for tommorow 23rd Jan at 4.10. So today I get home from work to find a letter from her office, dated yesterday, telling me I have an appointment on the 18th Feburary at 9.10.

Do they have to take an incompetance test before being allowed to work in my hospitals offices????

Watch this space for more developements after I ring them tommorow!!! Agggghhhhh

6 Replies

  • You let them have it.xx

  • Ugh idiots (eye roll)!

  • Sorry Am i having a blonde moment lol, Today is the 23rd January, So it was already the 23rd when you got home today...Hope you get it sorted anyway love Shirley x

  • what a performance.. my parents have had the lost letter routine too ! x

  • Sorry shirlthegirl. I was so angry I miss typed the date!! My appoint is supposed to be 24th. Which is tommorow..unless you dont read this reply until which case it's today:-) lol.

  • Don't worry, It happens to all of us :) hope you are feeling a bit better today, Take care XX

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