Miserable last week

Miserable last week

Everyone that replied with your advise, words of wisdom and kind thoughts a big thank you.

I have been signed off work for 4 weeks and going for a scan tommorow. My lovely Nurse rang me and I have to ring her after the scan and she will get me into see her. She wants to do more scores and I can have another depot medrone injection.

Light at the end of the tunnel !

Feeling unwell now and tired but on a plus point no appetite. A few pounds will not be missed.

Thank you all again for your support.

Here is a photo for nomoreheels. Sorry no deer but Tottie found a pheasant.

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  • Thank you moomie! I'm sure you feel relieved now a plan is forming. Someone's missing, is Keegan being camera shy or maybe he's curled up somewhere warm?! I hope the deer visit at some stage & you're all having a lovely relaxing time. xx

  • Thank you nmh. Yes good to know things are moving. Keegan was in his usual place snuggled on my knee.

    We are home now the hot tub was wonderful. No snow and no deer this year.

    Lots of lovely birds though and a friendly squirrel.

    Best wishes and thank you. X

  • Gosh, where has the time gone?! I've been kept busy as we're changing cars so guess that's it! Take good care & rest up whilst you're off work (that'll suit Keegan!). You'll have to save up & buy a hot tub eh?! x

  • Yes time flies. Hope you are sorted with a new car. That is exciting. Keegan is pleased. May have to teach him new tricks. Last time I taught him to take my socks off.

  • I'm hoping so Moomie, boy am I hoping so! Had enough now & not bought it yet so if this one doesn't suit his lordship I'm giving in! They're bringing it to us on Monday so wish me luck ;)

    Clever dog, how about pulling your socks up lol? Seriously that's great, I struggle too so maybe something I need to teach one one ours? x

  • Good luck. Boy it sounds like it has been hard work.

    You could teach your dogs it is not so hard. Only thing is he takes them off as soon as you sit without any shoes on. Bless him .

    Let me know if you are happy with your car on Monday.

  • It always is, he's such a motorhead & I'm like just as long as it gets us from A to B safely. I make suggestions then get the look for not being enthusiastic at what he's found after the umpteenth time!

    Ah! So he understands the concept just not that it's always wanted! Freya's good at recognising the names of her toys & bringing them to us so maybe there's hope? x

  • Lovely photo,such a cutie!

    Glad to read that your nurse is looking after you and that you can see that light at the end of your tunnel and may it get brighter!

    Sorry that you aren't feeling so good at the moment. Hope you pick up soon. X

  • Thank you. Tottie is 13 and a sweetie. Keegan is the cuddle boy who doesn't leave my side.

    All you people on here are good and understanding. X

  • It's just so good to be able to speak to people who understand how you are feeling, especially when you are feeling low, worried or in a lot pain. Even if you don't post anything yourself, but just read other people's posts, you somehow don't feel alone.

    I love animals, they are such a great comfort and I'm sure that they pick up on how we feel. We've had two Staffies and 4 Rabbits over the years. Our last little rabbit, Buster, who was a Lion Head, lived indoors with us was such kind and gentle little thing. I'll have to see if I can find a photo to post. Give your two a big kiss from me. X

  • Pets are a good comfort and give you so much. It would be nice to see some photos.

    Yes it is good to know someone understands.

  • Good news at last, great photos x

  • Thank you . Just been for my scan and I can ring the Nurse tommorow to see her. Cannot wait for some steroids. Not sure if I am coming down with something but feel really ill now and so tired.

    Moan over. Glad you like the photo of my little girl.

  • Your baby is beautiful! I know my two fur babies are what gives me the most joy in my life. Loving on them just makes me feel better somehow. My two are Great Pyrenees and such love buckets. Hope your visit goes well with the nurse and she's able to give you some pain relief! Hugs.

  • Thank you. Wow Pyrenees they are such beauties. Pleased my two are Westies because they like to sit on my knee. I agree they give you so much.

    Thank you I feel like a steroid junkie. But I know they make life so much easier.

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