Appointment deferred to Christmas eve

Just back from holiday to find letter from Edinburgh western general postponing my annual consultant appointment from 1 October to 3.45 on 24 December! This feels odd and im suspicious. I don't think I'll get proper attention at that time, and although I'm officially in remission now, I may not be so well then. My current plan is to ring, complain and ask for an appointment at a more sensible time. Has anyone else had a similar experience ESP with this hospital? So far they have been fine.

X cathie

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  • hi cathie ,i dont have dealings with this hospital but i dont blame you . its a long way off, and with it being chri/ eve they will all be in holiday mode, plus if anything needs to be done, it wont be done till after, and also you dont know what plans you will have yourself then, it does seem a bit weird to me too, take care ,sue x

  • bizarre.....sounds like somebody didn't engage their brain. Quite normal for a clinic to be cancelled, and I guess the admin staff were asked to reschedule all the patients and just did so without actually thinking about the dates that the computer spat out. Presumably you have a number to call for bookings? Like Sue above I think this isn't a good time, and may be cancelled again so why not see if you can change the date now? Pollyxl

  • I agree, Christmas Eve is a weird appointment, I wouldn't have expected them to be working. You could be under 10 foot of snow too!

    Good luck changing it.

    Mary x

  • It feels like one of those appointments you're set up not to be able to attend doesn't it. But I must say that its the first time i've had anything to criticise from t his hospital...

  • Im going to try to restore your faith in the system! Just phoned and a lovely sounding man gave me a new appointment for 29th october - which is just 29 days after the original one. That's OK but I hope she (the consultant) doesn't change that one because he said she had one appointment left in the whole of the year.

    Interesting isn't it - are we seeing the impact of cuts on the workload of hospital doctors?


  • My hospital is often similar in that no appts for 3 or 4 months, particularly the rheumy nurses who seem to be hugely booked up. I've been lucky a few times and got a cancellation a bit earlier....Px

  • Yes sometimes those cancellations are worth getting aren't they. It must be tricky for you if you're travelling a very long distance to go to appointments. Its worth us all watching this overbooking/ hospital staff being overworked though isn't it. I just hope it will improve - eventually!


  • Well you know I heard that radio 4 programme about your hospital fixing and fiddling the appointments fraudulently Cathie so they will have to be on best behaviour now. They said on the programme that staff would be working weekends and holidays to compensate for their illegal actions so perhaps that has some bearing? Anyway see you tomorrow at 7pm for further gossip. Tilda x

  • Looking forward to it

  • Hi Cathie i had a follow up appt that should have been 3 months after last appt. It was booked for 27th sept. ( Which is 4 months later actually ) I received a letter last week saying it had been cancelled and re-arranged for 27th december! I have my doubts too xxxxx

  • There's definitely something odd isn't there. Hope you can get it changed, I did - well until that ones postponed!

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