Appointment. What B****Y appointment??

Came home to a snippy ansaphone message from the rheumy nurse, who I have never met or spoken to before. Telling me I had missed my appointment with her and if I want another to ring the secretary. How was I supposed to know about the appt, psychic powers?? Not had any letter or phone call from them!!!

Ok, rant over feel better now:-)

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  • I had a similar time waiting for first Rhummy appt and after waiting 4 weeks and nothing I was in a bad way could not do anything had to have help to pull up knickers when it was your 2yr old grandson it was the pits decided to go private so asked gp for referal made appt called to let her secretary know the name of dr that I had made appt with and she informed me I was to see rhummy next day at hosp but nothing had been sent to me I have tried to get them to email but that will not work so everytime i go its 2-3 sheets of paper wasted will not trust post for any letters make appt when im there or by phone now


  • That's disgraceful but also ridiculous, almost laughable - and easy to deal with too Dtech. Just phone up the nurse and tell them that you've had no correspondence or phone call about an appointment and you aren't telepathic! Tilda x

  • I suspect the letter got lost in the post or maybe wasnt sent this has happened to my parents and me! two different addresses and two different consultants.

  • On one occasion, I queried about not being sent an appointment after the interval I had been told - to be told that I had had a "virtual" appointment!

    On enquiry this turned out to be a review of my records by the rheumatology team without any involvement by me and a decision to review me in another three months.

    As you might imagine, this provoked a definite involvement from me... and a face to face appointment in three weeks (that's "urgent" in appointment department speak).

    But seriously, it's a good thing that the rheumy nurse contacted you. It would be much worse to be taken off the list for review because you had, unknowingly, failed to attend an appointment.

    So let them know, forcibly, that you were unaware of this appointment and would like procedures to change to ensure this doesn't happen again. If my hairdresser and my dentist can send automatic text messages from a computer programme to remind me on my mobile - why can't the hospital?

  • I had a very similar experience when I was first diagnosed, I became so upset and frustrated by the wait, the pain and apparent difficulty in getting to see the consultant, I made enquiries about a possible private appointment. I was told the secretary would phone me back regarding a possible appointment and then didn't hear a word until a few days later when I got a message to ask why I hadn't attended my private appointment! In the end my NHS appointment came through and now nearly 3 years on, am pretty well 'in the system' and things seem to run smoothly most of the time.

  • I've learnt my lesson too now, and never leave the hospital without getting the piece of paper about the next one. The post is just too dodgy. But hope you get another appointment soon. Polly

  • Just ring up,Stuart and make another appt )before you forget) lol.xx

  • I'm still waiting too. Had an appointment in november and was told they would post out an appointment letter. Two days after rheumy appt, i had an appt at the eye hospital for my sjogrens and they also said they would post out an appt. I havn't heard from either hospital. I cant be bothered to chase them because its such a palava trying to get out of work and having to work the hours back or lose my pay. I think I'll wait until i really need to go or i hear from them xxxx

  • Rang today and spoke to the secretary. Oh! she said, Quite a few people didn't turn up for their appointments yesterday, we did wonder why!!!! DUH! as Homer Simson might say. So got another appointment next week...As, NO! I do not want to wait untill March when the next convenient (to them) clinic is being held.

  • And PS. Shell1967. I shall get ya for that comment about me forgetting :-) lol.

  • In my area you don't get to learn when your appointment is until about 18 days before it takes place, by letter. So it's impossible to plan around it at all - you just have to phone the hospital to find out that you've sunk to the end of the queue yet again when the next clinic approaches. Someone from the hospital seems to phone a few days before hand to check you plan to attend - and the rheumy has always said to me "see you in four months" which I now know to actually mean somewhere between 6 months to a year. Read Earthwitch's latest blog if you don't believe me! And we don't even have rheumy nurses here. Tilda x

  • I am lucky and live in an area where the hospital do in fact text you the day before appointments (on top of paper copies in post) but mishaps do still happen, sent me appts for Rituximab and when i arrived told me they had cancelled them, might have been nice to let me know given I took of work for the day... I think ur issue is the snippiness, I understand that people DNA (do not arrive-overheard two nurses at my last Rheumy appt refer to them as that) but their work day remains unchanged, they move on to the next patient and presumably start and finish at their usual time, yes people deliberately not turning up cost the NHS money but that is no excuse for presuming that you were one of these, you may have been ill (or indeed not received the appointment as was the case) more likely something else had caused the snippiness and she took it out on the poor unfortunates she called that day lolx Good luck with your appt (and future ones) x

  • Thanks for all the positive comments. having worked for the good ol' NHS and now in the private sector, although still dealing with NHS, PCTs etc. I know how bad they can be, I also know they have a lot of incredibly hard working dedicated staff. I hate ineficiency and the sometimes 'couldn't care less attitude that sometimes prevails. Especially amongst office staff who seem to forget they are dealing with worried, ill people. I can look after myself and I know how the system works and how to poke the right people if things go wrong. But a lot of people can't. They are the one's I get angry for.... Ok off my soapbox for now. All the best

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