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Comforting thoughts

Comforting thoughts

I was thinking this morning whilst trying to unknot my fingers,loosen up my shoulders and stop coughing, of the things that gives us comfort when we are not well and feeling really low with pain and inflammation. The small hours of the morning are always the worst when you seem to be the only person in the world who is awake and unwell.

When I was a little girl and ill with one of my regular "strep" throats, I used to have my father's dressing gown tucked round me. He would be at work, but his dressing gown was the next best thing to him being there and I always found it a comfort.

I went into my garden the other morning and our robin was sitting on the top of the cherry tree singing his little heart out. Berry pup was sitting under the tree with his head cocked just listening to the runs and trills coming from that tiny bird's throat.

A piece of music can cheer me up in no time. I am a great classical fan so have plenty to choose from. Listening to the Last Night of the Proms with the stirring music and seeing everyone so happy to be joining in.

The sight of our newborn grand daughter at 3 hours old with a little hat which was too large for her head! Sound asleep in her father's arms.

A good book to curl up with and snuggle under a blanket with the cat on your lap purring away. Seeing the children going to school in the mornings, swinging bags, pushing and shoving each other in play and their bright little faces.

Picking blackberries from the hedges across the marshes and finding some damsons and wild apples to take home as well.

The flowers in people's gardens - always such a cheerful sight. An unusual shaped cloud in the sky which you can try to make faces out of, not to mention the man in the moon!

Last night, at 10 p.m. I went out into the garden with the binoculars to see if I could spot the supanova. I think the binoculars were not strong enough so didn't see it but did see the myriad of stars in the sky. The plough just above my head, the stars in Orion's belt. A beautiful clear night, warm and with a light wind. Scents from the roses and the remains of the lavendar wafting across.

Felt so much better after thinking about all this that I wanted to share it with everyone and hope you have similar coping and comforting thoughts as well.

Love to everyone who is feeling ill and in pain. Hope this has helped. LavendarLady x

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Just reading all these makes it all sound so comforting.

It certainly helped me and made me smile, as today I'm having a lazy day really overdid it yesterday (wedding) and Feeling the pain more.

Thanks for sharing

take care




That sounds lovely.. unless julie-55 returns you will have to pick up the mantle as another good blog writer.

Lavender you write so well we need some light relief at the moment.. and diversions from other happenings both at home and on some blogs!


Hi Summer, don't think I could take Julie55 place as a top blogger but it was nice of you to suggest it. However I will blog about cheerful things from time to time. LL


Hi LavendarLady, lovely Blogg. Surprising how the simple things in life can make us smile. For me it's my son, having been told I would never have children, I know cherish every moment with him, even though he's 16!!

Also just the simple things in the garden, which I spend a lot of time in, never thought I would though, I hated gardening at one time. Now I just love it,and baking, just to see that finished product. Yummm!!

Hope your starting to feel better with you cold etc, and your poorly teeth, oh you are suffering of late.

Take care

mand xx


hi Lavender Lady loved your blog - real soothing. and it is just what we need to ponder a little and think of the things that are good and of value.

I have been going on about this in a couple of blogs but have to say it again - the people who i work with,they have had a brain injury which has left them with physical, emotional or physical problems, they really do make me believe the world is mostly full of beautiful people.

I know there are times when i am struggling with walking and a few of them will come out who have mobility problems themselves and take my bags and help me in.

My little girls who look after each other and at the minute are so close and happy. They are a delight.

Just back from my mothers house where alot of my siblings had gathered and what a laugh that is - well worth the 100 mile round trip.

This week i am going to attempt a bit more positivity!

Thank you Lavender


It's the things RA can't attack that I think make us all cherish them more.



thanks everyone. Glad it helped. lavendar


Lovely Blog thanks for posting!!



This is lovely: thankyou LavendarLady. Just this one post has calmed me down, as I've been raging with a flare up and mine own frustrations. I'd almost forgotten what simple pleasures can offer. I used to live in Africa, and remember staring up at the sky feeling amazed at how unpolluted it was, and how many stars I could see. I still go blackberry picking, but have to dodge places where the dogs go! I still go out looking for pine cones & conkers & send sycamore seeds into the air. However, with reference to your post, there's nothing like a cat! To me, that's the ultimate comforting treasure! My little prince on my lap, as I listen to Ella Fitzgerald.


Thanks everyone. Now trying to follow my own advice! In a lot of pain although had MTX this morning for the 1st time in 2 weeks because of the cold. Enbrel tomorrow. Stomach upset with all the nurofen I have had to take, shoulders very bad and fingers as well. Could hardly move this morning and have just had a snooze in the chair with Berry pup at my feet. He is never far from my side. Minnie cat is prowling around chatting away as only Burmese can and have just put the dog's bedding into the washing machine + his toys which get filthy very quickly.

Berry pup has taken a liking to my room freshener dried petals and keeps taking them out of the basket and eating them. Silly dog.

Now going to have a cup of tea. Daren't take any more nurofen for the time being. Seeing practice nurse tomorrow for blood tests so will she what she says about the flare up. LavendarLady x


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