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I really just wanted to say a big THANKS :0) to everyone for making me soooo welcome following my first blog post.

It feels very reassuring to know I can write anything here and someone somewhere either knows how I feel or is sympathetic. I do admit I have the most wonderfully understanding husband but I'm sure he gets sick of me sometimes, only because he worries about me though. He even did some of the gardening for me yesterday because I couldn't manage it and he HATES gardening. I did make the dinner though as a thank you ha ha.

Anyway, just wanted to say 'hi' and thanks again!

Hope you are all well xx

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Its always nice to Hear a Thank you, But I think most of us Benefit in One way or another by someone elses story, Either a good day story or a bad day story, Also I am not as Lucky to have a husband or partner at all, and Live in a very small minded community, But I thing the Blessing, for you who does have an understanding partner is, Now that you have found us, and we share our good and bad days, Thats Less you will need to share with your husband, and you may not feel that you are burdening them, If you ever do get that feeling, Thanks for sharing, and being part of what for me has some days a Life saving place to come and share. keep coming

Lisa ((Hugs))


Thats the nice thing here isnt it, the support and "someone" always being there. Keep blogging!



I think lisa has said it all. It is a lovely


A late welcome and good to hear you are doing OK ish. People on here are little angels. When I have been so low recently they have pulled me to my senses and made me feel so unalone and I too have a good hubby. It really must be hard for those without RA as they can only sympathise with us and yet in a funny way we can empathise with each other!!!!!!!!!!This site is quite unique with such wonderful people sharing their good times and bad and brilliant knowledge to boot! Many more blogs for all of us! xx


I am fairly new to the forum but it has already been an amazing boost to my life.

I've been a single mum for 22 years and often feel lonely - although I have a fantastic family and friends.

As asasmum says people on here can genuinely empathise and I too think it is unique. Welcome.



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