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First day back at work

All went as expected and it felt good, placed myself in an office out the way so not bombarded with questions. My service manager is lovely she used to manage me at another provider so knows me well which helps.

On the not so good side my feet have been aching all day, my neck and shoulders painful all day, fingers are stiff most of time so no difference there; will bring this up at my Rheumy appointment in February. Early days I know but I overcome this pain and fatigue, I hope:-)

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Well done - early days as you say and things will hopefully improve for you once the drugs work properly. Tildaxx


Great you are back at work and it went well. Pace yourself and you'll be fine.All the best


That;s good that you are back to work, take it easy now love Shirley xx


its great youve an understanding manager,,.pain / fatigue and work are not a nice mix , well done xx


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