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Odd feeling in back of my knees???

My RA started in my knees and are never pain free but this evening I have had a strange sensation in the back of my knees. When I try to straighten my leg I get a bulge in the back of my knee. Size of a tennis ball feeling like its about to burst. Am I going crazy??? Still boiling burning pain at the front like always but new pain at the back.

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It sounds like it might be a bakers cyst. I regularly have them but luckily mine have never burst. I believe they can be very painful if they do.


There was a blog on baker's cysts a couple of months ago - 12 Aug 2011 started by LynW. If you search for this it has lots of info.


I've had this for some time, along with the pain and swelling at the front too. My kness look and feel like they have been inflated with glup!


definitely sounds like a bakers cyst - you need an ultra sound to have it checked out to make sure it isnt pressing on blood vessels - this could increase your risk of DVT - go see your doc!

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Thought you might read the information on this on NHS Choices site

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I have had a Baker's Cyst which burst whilst in the states. It wasn't painful but my leg swelled up and I was afraid it was DVT as was the Hospital in San Diego. But they did an ultrasound scan and found where the cyst had been as it had left a hole. Fascinating to watch the scan as it showed the blood in the arteries and veins in different colours flashing up and down the leg.

I was told to keep the leg up as much as possible, take pain killers if painful and see my GP when I got back to the UK. I was told at the hospital in USA that it is a sympton of RA. I also had to wear flight socks as well which I do anyway on long haul.

I was told by the orthopaedic surgeon to whom I was referred who promptly referred me onto the RA consultant, that once burst, it is unlikely to recur but could appear in the other leg. Fortunately so far, not had any problems.

LavendarLady x

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Wow! Is that what its called! I have had this for a couple of years. Last week something felt like it burst in my right knee. I couldn't put any weight on that legs for an hour or so. I do have osteoarthritis in both knees and even after cortisone shots on Thanksgiving day they are acting up again.................


Marnie87, how's your Baker's Cyst now?


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