Steroids in knees

Steroids in knees

Hi guys, the steroids in my knees have now worn off... I can hardly walk now. I've been trying to get in contact for an emergency appointment to see if I can have some more till my new drug (Enbrel) comes thru, but I can't get thru to them.. They seem to be taking their time with it. Right, so what I've done is, booked transport to take me to the rheumatology dept, so basically I'm going to just turn up with hopes they'll give me more steroids in the knees while I wait for this drug. I hope they'll help me tomorrow. Am I wrong to just turn up? I'm just so fed up with it all, I'm so desperate to have these steroids in my knees.

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  • I hope you get on alright at the hospital. It might be better if you know which day is when your consultant is in clinic and go that day as you would be more likely to get the help you need. Hugs.xxxx

  • Good luck

  • I was in your situation last year. Couldn't get into hospital for over a month but luckily a private physio I was seeing told me one of the doctors at my GP surgery could do steroid injections and take fluid out and I managed to see him. Worth seeing if a GO at your surgery can do it? Good Luck

  • I have just turned up when in agony and the docs were great . I stay in glasgow . Good luck .

  • Thanks guys. Turned up & they were great! They gave me a steroid injection in the left knee. So just trying to rest up for a bit longer as I want it to work properly. The right one didn't have much fluid in it this time... Just bone on bone. They want to replace both knees. The consultant who I've never seen before couldn't believe it when she saw the X Ray's of my knee.. It's shocking she said. Well let's hope I get it done sooner rather than later! So I can have a better life

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