Happy Feet

Happy Feet

I've got those happy feet after visiting the chiropodist yesterday. He has sorted out a few problems and now feet are very comfortable. He has also suggested I see the Podiatry clinic to have insoles made which will help not only the RA but the plantar fasciitis as well. So popped into the surgery this morning and left a message for my GP. She knows what's wrong so I shouldn't need to see her and she can just refer me.

Damp and cold causing problems with joints this last 2/3 days - Oh for some sunshine although according to the local weather forecast, we are due some fine and sunny weather this afternoon (I'll believe that when I see it!) and warmer weather this weekend. I do hope so. Fed up with this drab, soulless weather. The only good thing are the geese and swans coming over the house to their sites on the Welney Washes which are such a wonderful sight.

Very dark this morning and really dark by 4.30 now in the afternoon.

Keep waking up with cramp down the side of my left leg near the ankle - so don't know what's caused that unless it is the RA again. Blame that for everything but at least I can walk and nothing hurts on my feet at present.

Have bought another pair of gorgeous boots from M & S this time in black. Bought the tan ones last week and they are the last word in comfort.

Had to ask their customer service dept if any of the stores near me had the black ones in as you could no longer order them on line as out of stock. They found my local store had plenty in stock in my size so rang them and they put a pair on one side for me. Collected them yesterday. It is their Autograph Leather Strap riding boots (so called) but selling out fast. Can highly recommend them. Have a broad one inch heel so plenty of support and the shoe part not too narrow so can get a thick sock in as well. Also room to tuck in trousers etc but not so wide at the top, they are gaping open if wearing a skirt. Really pleased with them and both should see me nicely through the winter.

Now off to meet the Land Agent who has just phoned. LavendarLady x

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I know roughly where you live now. My mum was born down ten mile bank and my hubby lived there when he was a boy. I was born in ely so know the area well.

Asda have some nice suede boots that look like uggs,but a lot a cheaper and they are so comfy too.

Think its about time i put something on the site haven't done for a couple of days.

Forgot to tell you i'm seeing the podiarist first week of december.

Sylvia. xx


Well you do have local connections. Ten Mile Bank is about 10/12 miles from me down the A10. You did tell me sometime ago that you knew Ely well and its cathedral. Before we moved here, we used to live at Witchford when it was still a small village and not part of Ely.

Ely has changed so much - so much development all round the outskirts = the only bit they can't build on is the river and I am sure if they could put houses on stilts they would do so! Has ruined what was once a beautiful medieval town although the middle of Ely remains much the same particularly round the cathedral.

LavendarLady x


I was born there and when i go back i'm a stranger,some of my inlaws live there, My sisteri law lives in stretham. My brother still lives in ely. My mums family are buried in littleport. In 1977 ely had a celebration due to the lengh of time the cathredral,we all dressed up in medeival clothes and the whole city partied. I worked in woolworths at the time. Takes you back doesn't it.

Sylvia xx


Comfy feet bliss...on the strength of that have just got my back paws out and had a good look.. clip and sandpaper required at once! On the subject of comfy boots there are some very soft and comfy ones in Jones the Bootmaker but the zip needs a bit of a tug- have bought them two sizes big so I can spread out..Do get some funny looks. Citihound


There is a big article in today's Daily Mail about fake UGG boots - quite horrendous reading as it involves, gulp, skinning racoon dogs alive to get their wool to line these boots. Also a lot of them, although they say they are Australian Uggs are not. They are made from cow skin rather than sheep skin which is ecologically farmed. There is a warning aboout buying fake boots from various sites as many of the chemicals used in production are toxic!

LavendarLady x


I deleted my mis typed comment!, meant to say it was the ugg boots that didnt offer proper support.. was v tired yesterday


Thought it was a bit odd and I read it several times before replying to make sure I hadn't misread it. Unfortunately, it was still showing when I typed my reply! Lovely system this. LL


Hi Summer, my M & S boots do offer much better support than Uggs. They have a properly constructed foot and heel - a real riding boot style and knee length which suits me, arch supports etc.a proper sole and lined with a soft lining so they are warm as well. They were also very expensive! I can wear them over the fields (they are leather and will come up once saddle soaped) or around the town.

I can't wear Uggs as they are too flat for me but I also don't think they have much support to them either, particularly round the arch. Mine is a very high arch which does need proper support. LL


Pleased that you are getting your feet sorted out LL - there's nothing better than sorting out feet by purchasing good shoes I feel!

I've just come home with a new pair of FitFlop suede clogs from Boots online - feeling so chuffed with them! I bought FitFlop black boots a month ago when I was away installing our exhibition and found myself hobbling back to dreadful hotel hardly able to walk. I was going past Jones and spotted these wonderful boots like the ones you are describing Citihound. They were terribly expensive but it was like going to paradise once I'd got them on!

I've lived in them ever since but hubby or sons or anyone available has to do the zips for me because of pathetic hands. So last week I ordered myself early Xmas/ New Year's Birthday prez - a pair of clogs - new line and far cheaper than the gorgeous boots - and more importantly slip on! Thank goodness I read the review properly because it warned to order a size larger than usual and I went for 6s - and collected them from our local Boots and they fit absolutely perfectly!

I think you're probably a bit glam for them LavenderLady but I never would have known about this wonderful footwear had it not been for a discussion about footwear on this forum!

Coming off Prednisolone now slowly so my dose was halved today. All fine so far as the stuff kicked in good and proper after a rocky start.

What does plantar fasciitis feel like exactly? It sounds like the symptoms I began all this with - a feeling like I'm walking on hot coals first thing most mornings that sometimes continues throughout the day or disappears after an hour or two on my feet? Haven't had it for the time I've been on the Pred but it came rudely back today - maybe now I've halved the dose? One foot felt too tight in the FitFlop clog despite being a size larger than normal - but sure either the clog will stretch a little as it's suede or the foot will shrink a little soon enough. I'm wearing them whatever - I love them. Here's to happy feet!



Plantar Fasciitis is inflammation of the tendons running along from the heel to the toes. When I first had it , my feet swelled to a triple E size (I am normally a C), I could only wear flat shoes as anything else was too painful. It won't disappear after an hour or so but remains with you 24/7 and when bad I can only hobble as walking is so painful. My toes cramp up and the tendons on the sole of the foot stand out and are painful to walk on. sometimes it will clear up on its own but I have now had it 4 years and although it is better than it was, it is still there!

I have to use special insoles anyway plus padding under the toes to relieve the pain and lift my toes a little. So comfortable shoes and boots are a must although I can wear heels to go out in the evening provided I am not standing around all night! It was PF that first alerted the chiropractor to the possibility of RA and he referred me for a blood test via my GP and the rest is history as they say! LL


Thanks for explaining LavenderLady. I think i do have it but it is much milder than you describe and doesn't usually last all day - just makes me hobble about first thing. Sometimes goes on for a few days but I can still walk the dog with it - unlike knees, wrists,fingers, shoulders etc. I have had swollen undersides of foot pads sometimes - which has felt more uncomfortable and strange than painful but really the main feature is when my feet touch the ground each morning it's like treading on hot coals for a while - same if I have my feet up too long. Yours sounds in a different league to mine though - as with much else. TT


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