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Have decided recently that I am fed up with wearing trousers all the time so I bought a couple of winter skirts,mid calf length.Also treated myself to a pair of lovely mid calf boots. My daughter went shopping today so I asked her to pick up some black opaque tights to complete my new outfits.

I haven't worn tights for years making do with knee socks when necessary.Have just attempted to put them on.My arms are suddenly not long enough to reach my feet even in a hunched position.My knees won't bend enough and my stomach seems to be in the way of everything. Also,never realised how much strength is needed just to stretch the tights.They seem strong enough to hold me upright even if my knees buckled under the pressure.

Unfortunately I'll never know if this is true as I can't get the flaming things on.

Any advice ladies please ? xx

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oh no, I told my husband the other day that because I can't wear heels anymore that I am now going to wear short skirts!! just need the legs to go with that now, any suggestions :) lol

could stocking be the answer? still fiddly but I find the pulling right up is the difficult part with tights, even then they just roll back down under my belly! I'm not painting a very pretty picture of myself here!

Your outfit sounds lovely though, hope you get to wear it soon xx


There is a thing that you can get from disability stores that helps you put tights and socks on. xx


My hands are very bad and tights are a real problem. Sometimes so are knickers! Trick for me is to buy a large/xl size tights (I am a 10) in a lighter denier such as 40 not the thicker ones. Too strong! Sit on bed. If you can pull onto the toes, then upto the knees, then incline back on the bed on a few pillows to wriggle into the rest.These suggestions can help but only if you have someone who will pull you up afterwards or an electric bed! I have the latter! :):)

Charlie x


I too find tights difficult. try stretching them first then you have to roll them down to the feet and put both feet in. i then find its the hard bit of wiggling and twisting to get them up. its a nightmare and you are shattered once completed. allow 10 mins in the morning routine! They do keep you warm though



Just seen this on tights, not worn any for so many years ,even socks a problem, cant get them over my toes then my toes hurt being sqashed when in shoes and trying to use the gadgets to put them on ok as long as hand dont spasm, But in sayiing that am going to get my daughter to help me for one even next week so can wear a dress, but have bought some loverly velvet trousers ,, just in case ,


Ok This is not going to paint a pretty picture but i will share my technique all the same ;-)

This require 2 people and as Charlie36 says xl tights (i'm a size 10 too;-)

I start by putting the tips of my toes in the top of the tights, i then lay back on the bed with my legs in the air, then 1 leg at a time, i pull them down (my leg in the air), gradually (about 2 inches at a time), with the 2nd person holding that tight leg straight at the toe (hence they don't catch on bent toes etc), i then do the same with the 2nd leg of the tights, when they are both at my mid thigh i get up off the bed, turn with my bum facing the 2nd person, i grab the front, 2nd person grabs the back and we both pull together until the tights are up over my hips/tummy etc.... very unattractive and must look like a strange sex game if anyone could see ;-) but it works the best and doesn't hurt arms/shoulders/legs etc...

I have tried many aids to do this but they only end up snagging my tights ;-0

Things we do to look good hey ???

Hope this helps?? And good luck ;-)

Ella x


Yes I have a thing to put to put on tights it looks like a bike saddle shape with two straps.. its still in its wrapper! I find tights a bind too! get a bigger size also as trying to get them up the legs is hard! some one suggested stockings?

to me??! I might give them a try again !, last time I tried that idea my hands couldnt do up the stocking top tab things on the belt so I took it back!,

Hold ups may as well be called fall downs as they do that on me!! x


I've given up on tights / stockings but am having success with 'over the knee' socks. Needless to say they don't go 'over' my knees but are sufficiently stretchy and easy to get on. I have some thinner black ones to wear under smart trousers/ maxi skirts for work and some chunky knitted patterned ones for jeans/ denim skirts etc. I've shopped around quite a bit to find ones that easily go over my knobbly and mis-shapen tootsies - an element of lycra in the mix seems to work best. The M&S outlet store have proved the 'best buy' and Primark had some good ones too. One benefit I find is that they're really comfy with boots and keep my feet warm:-)

Cece x


OHMYGOSH you guys! This is hysterical.

Ella, you should be on Comedy Club!! But the truth is, that fad is going to die real quick, hardly anybody can get them on! Buying XLg is fine, but what about the ladies who are XLg? Or doesn't have 2nd person! My best friends would be glad to help me, but then we'd be laughing so hard, we'd never get them on!!

Had similar experience with one of those body-shaper outfits, made of lycra, spandex and/or bubble gum! Spent $42. for that thing and it is rolled up, in original wrapper, in my lingerie drawer. Didn't have the guts to take it back.


thank you for sharing this - giggling at the memory of my last attempt to do this. bigger sizes or cheap leggings with boots are the answer! the things we have to do !!!


Thanks everyone.I've really enjoyed your suggestions.Lots of ingenious ideas.

After I'd read your comments I remembered the last time I wore tights.It must have been about five years ago and my RA was at it's worst..My husband had to get involved.He managed to get the tights up as far as my knees and said to stand up and he'd pull them up the rest of the way.My husband is quite a bit taller and stronger than me.

He put a hand on each side of the tights and gave an almighty pull.The tights shot up as did I.He lifted me clean off the floor and I was left dangling in mid air.I don't know who was more surprised me or him.We just collapsed laughing.

I'm quite a bit heavier now so don't think we can repeat that method.Think I'll have to find a shop that sells super extra jumbo tights or try the leggings idea.

Does anyone know what's the largest size of tights we can buy.This may be the only way forward. xx


Hi again

The last time i checked you could buy tights in a xxl that were specifically for very tall people ;-)

Ella x


OHMYGOSH you guys! This blog about getting the tights on is hysterical!

Elle, You are eloquesnt at describing the whole procedure! The secret is, you gotta have a second person. Well, when you live alone, on a street where everyone else is 20 yrs older and infirm, or they are out working, makes it hard to find someone. My best friends would help, of course, they live in neighboring towns, but I am sure we would be laughing so hard we would never get the friggers on!

Had a similar experience the day before my son's wedding and I had gotten one of those body=briefers, a one piece outfit with straps, cut low so you can wear your own bra, made out of spandex or lycra or bubble gum! There was no way I could get that on. First I thought to step in it, it's open on the bottom, like a girdle. Well, pulling it up would never work, so then I thought..of course, put it on over my head, the straps will fall on the shoulders and I'll just pull it down. It only goes to the mid thigh. Yeah well, it is so tight, couldn't pull it apart enough to get over my head! Then as I struggled, I was getting claustrophobic and starting to panic and still getting nowhere. It is back in the wrapper, and in the lingerie drawer. Paid $42.


Hi Loret, I bought one of those as well sometime ago to wear under evening things. Like you couldn't even get it halfway up and didn't try over my head as thought I would get stuck and have to be cut out of it! So back into its wrapper it went and has now gone to a jumble sale! LavendarLady x


Hi Loret, I also bought one of those things as well. After trying to get it past my knees gave up. Didn't want to try and get it over my head as I felt the paramedics would have to cut me out and have a good laugh!

So that went back into its wrapper and got put out for a jumble sale.

Cost me £18 as well! Shan't go there again - will just put up with the wobbly bits! LavendarLady x


Hi everyone, just found this and had such a good laugh! I think we all have the same problem. I am very tall so do go for the larger sizes in tights just to get the length otherwise, they end up round my knees! Under trousers, I tend to wear pop socks up to the knee which are easy to get on and off. Getting on tights - I get each foot in first, pull the tights up to my knees, stand up and do a sort of shimmy at the same time tugging. They do eventually get there. I would make a good belly dancer!

I use 30 denier tights in the winter and 20 denier in the warmer months if not going without.

But I do find leggings under my trousers or long skirts with boots are far easier and warmer than tights.

LavendarLady x


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