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I'm having a restless night

Morning everyone, Well i normal don't have any problems sleeping, as i am on amitripline 50mg, As a lot of you know i had a abscess and am having to take Keflex 500mg 3 times a day,

I have only got 2 more days until i have completed the dose, Well the gums are fine now no pains at all,....... This evening i took my amitripline and the Keflex together before going to bed, this is the first time i have done this,.... After being in bed trying to sleep for over a 2 hours, i must of dropped of for about 30 minutes...., before falling a sleep i was really restless, first i was hot then cold, my skin felt inching, i just general couldn't settle...., this continued when i was woken up So it is now 5'oclock in the morning and i have only had 30 minutes sleep,

Has anyone ever had this feeling?, By now with the Amtripline i am normal in noddy land, do you think it could be to do with me taking the drugs at the same time?

I am so worried about going back to bed at the moment and disturbing my husband, I have tried to settle on the settee but with no luck.........Thanks,Maybe some of the 4'clock club are up to help xxxxx

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f this is what happens whenyou take them together don't do it another night. Might i suggest tonight you take them separatly and then the next night take them together and see what happens. Then you'll have youe answer. Love sylvia.xx


That's a good idea, don't know if i want another night like this, But i suppose that is the only way i am going to find out, I'm sure i will be in my PJ's most of today xx


The antibiotic should be taken every six hours .take amitriptyline about 9 or 10 pm x


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