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Just read in the nuneaton news, parking will no longer be free for blue badge holders.We will have to pay to park the car and we can get another hour free. The trouble i find is people who don't have a badge still park in spaces designed for the disabled. No wonder out of town shopping centres are busy nobody wants the hassle of finding a space then struggle to the meter and then find a warden to tell them that we are disabled to get another free hour.

This all comes on a day when i'm not feeling my best and we had to take hubby to the doctors in a hurry. He has had a blockage in his chest, a good belch has sorted it out,but the doctor has put him on some tablets and medicine to help sort him out and now he feels a lot better.

If this is what winters going to be like i think i'll hibernate until spring. Its damp,my joints ache and my eyes. Just wonder what else needs to happen before something nice comes along.

Don't mind me i'm just annoyed at the council for making me pay when we go out,its b""""y hard enough living with these diseases without people making it harder.


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Money grabing @@@~~~~~##### , they have now started charging disabled people to park at our local Hospitals in Southport, the council havnt started doing that YET, but I dare say it wont be long. I hope Mr Sylvi gets better soon.

I bought some Pavers yesterday and they are fur lined lol keeps my feet nice and toastie.



Thank you philip, he now has new medication and since he took it this morning he has felt better. I'm so frustrated with myself at the moment,my hands,knees ache and i've tried to do something on my laptop and i keep getting interference from the wireless. Daughter keeps saying theres too much interference eg; too many walls and such like.It seems that today everything i touch today doesn't want to work.""""/////****\\\\\ i'm that fed up. Sorry for having a rant, the weather here in the midlands is damp and miserable and no sun. That is probale what wrong with me.

I've got some nice boots from asda and they have fur and they are cosy. Want photo of said pavers please. something to make me smile. sylvia.xx


We have had to pay for disabled parking in our town (at the full rate) for the last 2 years (mean lot when the council employees don't have to pay at all and cost the council £300,000 a year which comes out of our council tax!!! GRR).

Also at the hospital, we have had to pay for years now on a sliding scale that's if you can actually find a parking place. A lot of the time we have to park on verges, bits of green etc. And trying to find a disabled slot, well you have to leave home a midnight just to get one. However the disabled slots are free (at the moment). But if the hospital thinks it could get more money from parking I wouldn't be surprised if they start charging us as well. Although really, it is the parking company which organises this but the hospital gets over 1million a year from the charges. Can't be bad - a nice little earner.

And if you stray over your time by a few minutes, you are fined and/or clamped. I have already told the hospital that if this happens to me when I can't get a disabled slot as there aren't enough, I will take them all the way through to the European Courts! so there!

LavendarLady x


Good for you,we have had to pay for a long while at the hospital. I take my scooter now so if i can't get a space i've got that to fall back on. If clinics are running behind they at least let you off any extra payment. All these fat cats in local goverment get all the freebies at our expense really annoys me. I tell you they think they are so entitled to all these perks and then they wonder while the country is going to the dogs.

I'm sorry to rant it hasn't been a good day,what with hubby taking ill again and i'm aching so much today. Hubby has been sorted,they have given him medication for hiatus hernia and some pep medicine. He had a good burp in the gps and since he got home he has started to feel a lot better.



i haven't got a blue badge yet but keep thinking i must get one particulary when i drive 10 times around the town to park outside the chemist.

That is such a disgrace and really really disappointing. But i suppose the people who run the country (the financiers) don't really care if it causes problems or not. The unfortunate thing is that i just dont think it will get any better.


I'm with you on this one mads. They seem to think its ok to screw those that need it most. I know there some out there that abuse the system,but they seem to be chasing us poor sods who can't work and or in pain. I've had to fill another form to do with this new system they are bringing in,so i'll expect i'll lose some benefits. It frightens me as i don't have much confidence due to this disease.

Anyway they are not going to lose out are they. Perhaps we should go into politics,we'll show them how to do it properly.

Sylvia. xx


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