Mobility Scooters...Have scooters(any types) been helpful and gave you Independence?

Hi everyone

I want to bring this subject up as I've recently read comments where, like myself, people are struggling to walk and get out of the house, but the use of a Mobility Scooter has given me personally FREEDOM without stress, and pain......I don't use mine on a daily basis, as I live in a country village and nowhere to really go! But when we go out, say to the. Promenade or town I take my lightweight ( comes apart so can go in the boot of our car) this lil Scooter gives me a sense of independence and pain free enjoyable freedom, instead of walking around with my pretty lil stick and suffering with terrible pain with every step.........I know it's a Taboo subject to some people, but IF only you could try one out, the places that sell them Often have space for a person to try one out...........making this 'Step' was the best decision I made.......So no matter what age you are, if you can cope in sitting on one, and wanting to have a less than painful day, and I'm chronically in pain daily, this is the best option, in my humble opinion to gain Freedom once more, and to get from A to Z without the way, I don't sell these LOL, Incase your wondering, but this chunk of Metal that I use has made me HAPPY : )

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  • Brilliant. So glad it has given you a quality of life back. A very useful and informative post.



  • Thanks x

  • I think a lot of people see it as giving up but actually it isn't. Me I feel like because I am young I don't want to go there at this stage but it is great that you are enjoying your freedom. X

  • Ty kitty! trust me it was a huge step! but once I accepted I need one! well it felt right :) Jill x

  • I have often wondered about getting one, but I haven't the strength to lift one in or out of my car, never mind having to put it together with my pathetic hands. Do you manage it yourself or do you need an OH to help you?

    I would love to have one specially designed for off-roading, the equivalent of a mountain bike! I bet that would be fun, but mighty expensive!!

  • Hi ty for your reply.....your so right there, I do have a great hubby that does that part for me, putting it I and put if the car, I couldn't do that, or my teens help too.....I manage it myself using's great....hope you get the one you want, sounds amazzzzzing x

  • I saw a girl on embarrassing bodies who had r/a and she had this electric lift thing to get her scooter in the car by herself. But obviously that would be expensive etc.

  • if you get a mobility car there are several that you can have an electric hoist fitted too at a discount. I'm getting a honda jazz and the hoist is about £399.

    you can buy suitcase ramps that fold out to 5-8 feet from ebay.

  • Ty for your one day I just might buy a Berlingo, just so that I can have a Hoist....:) lol Tc Jill x

  • a peugeot horizon is exactly the same car but it's automatic.

  • this is something I wrote a short while ago

    I've started using my own scooter while out. I've decided that it's a positive step as -

    I can be out for a bit longer;

    I can get further;

    the pain is less;

    more quality time with friends as I'm not struggling to breathe/move/keep up;

    I get to be out where life is going on;

    I meet nice people who smile or pass a moment [eg "cold today"] or ask if I can reach;

    I'm acknowledged as a person - not invisible, I exist!

    I get to be independent.

    I know there are negatives but they're the same as everyday when I'm on my crutch [es] so they aren't botherable [ I just made that word up! ]

    try the scooters out in supermarkets first. I hope this might help



  • Hi Sandra! thanks so much for your reply....that is exactly the reason why I have one.... Btw love that word...botherable, I might start using that now lol... Tc Jill x

  • I almost always get a shopmobility scooter when I am in town now. Its the only way I can really get around and do anything. I have considered getting one for home, and did have the option of buying a second hand one, but decided against it. I'm just that bit too far from the shops and places I want to go, and the weather here isn't the best, so it would be a pretty uncomfortable trip most days. If I lived elsewhere I'd definitely consider it.

    I would also encourage anyone thinking about scooters to try out either the supermarket ones or shopmobility ones first, and to get a bit of instruction or practice before taking them out on the street (our shopmobility service gives good instruction and doesn't let you take it out on your own until they think you are comfortable with it). If you are buying a second hand one, be aware that the biggest cost component of them are the batteries that generally need replacing every 2-3 years - they can be £400 or more, so not much good getting a cheap second hand one if you also need to fork out for new batteries too soon.

  • Hi, thanks for your reply....I kinda have the same problem, I live in the country, lil village, nothing there except pretty houses etc lol....your comment is great, didn't think of that, trying one out at the shops before buy is a fab idea.....your comment is so informative for others, so thanks soo much Tc Jill x

  • I am now on my second scooter.The first was one you could fold in the boot of the car.Which was great for shopping and days out.But I needed someone to help me, so now use a wheelchair when using the car.

    My second one is bigger, so won't go in the car but is great to take my dog for walks and to travel to town 2 miles away.

    I would not be without it now.

    I was about 30 years old when I first got one and I used it to take my children to school so was a bit concerned what the other children would say, but everyone soon got used to seeing me on it. I seem to have started a craze, and quite often see people walking their dogs with scooters now :-)

  • Hi Jazie, Thankyou for your glad that your happy with yours, couldn't be without's the freedom without pain in the feet, hips, legs, toes, knees, that makes it amazing.....lots of people have them and I would Love the larger one, but my lil one is ideal for me :) Tc Jill x

  • This is a very helpful and informative thread. Thanks everyone :-)

  • Hi lilac....ty for your reply, I'm so glad I mentioned it Tc Jill x

  • I have two scooters one that you can take a part. This one i can just manage myself to put together and take apart. I use this one for hospital visits and shopping if i'm going into a few shops. Then i have a big one which i bought so i can take my two Labradors out for walks , we are out for about 1hr daily and they love it. Would not be without them now I am never ashamed to use them and have since i was in my early fiftys now 63 yrs young as my dad would say.


  • Hi fastball! thanks for your reply! I love mine, wouldn't be without it....I love seeing the dogs running beside their owners, great exercise for them lol....keep on Scoootering :) Tc Jill x

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